Anchor Watch August 25th 2016



August 25, 2016

In the early afternoon, a substantial number of us had gathered at Pacific View to attend the Memorial Service for Ed Rennie and then, for many, a brief stop back at the office and then time to go to Rotary.

Beginning the Meeting with a brief remembrance of Ed, President Mike asked PP Andy C to provide our Invocation, PP Steve Speer to lead us in the Pledge to Our Flag, PP Wendell led the Four Way Test, and then we sang “God Bless America”

It was a full house, with many visitors including PDG Charlie, who wouldn’t be a visitor again, and his RC Upland buddy Gary Brendzel (who lives in Huntington Beach), Dr. Gerrold Popejoy from RC Foothill-Highlands (near Sacramento), returning Rotarian visitors included Nora Haddad (RC Beirut, Lebanon), Cora Jackson (RC Santa Cruz, Bolivia), and for his third annual visit with us Austrian Rotaractor Andreas Hartlieb. Returning candidate Vince Priolo brought his friend Jarred Fish and Dale Leiter paid us another visit. And our speakers were Long Beach Rotarians Steve and Meredith Shaw!

Prez Mike took a few Presidential Minutes to share with the Club some of the topics to be addressed in next week’s Club Assembly and in future meetings, at which all members will have an opportunity to share in the decisions about our Club’s future manner of doing business. For example, we can decide to continue with weekly dinner meetings with speakers, or we could decide to replace one meeting with a cocktail and snacks get-together once a month to allow Committees to meet and conduct their business, or… Future topics include membership definitions, and attendance requirements so please come to these meetings and be prepared to share your thoughts on potential improvements “for all concerned”.

An Irish joke (the Murphy twins!) from the Prez and then Dan did his best Suneel imitation (the highest form of flattery) as Finemaster, getting everyone involved (and paying): Marc, Kent, Jo, Kelly, Andrew B, Cora, Wendell, Tom and Steph Walley (15th Anniversary!), the Shaws, Gary Myers (57th Anniversary), Andy C, Roger, Steve, Mike, Wendell, Wajih, Linda, Vince, and Nora. (A nice report from Vince on how he and Sacha took the leftovers from our BBQ to feed the homeless – the heart of Rotary!)

Roger reminded that now the tickets are sold for the Angel Game, it’s time to get our Pre-Game Chili Cookout plans finalized for September 10, and be sure to mark your calendars for our District Foundation Gala (chaired by our own Lauren!) at the Balboa Pavilion on Saturday November 19. He then proceeded to induct PDG Charlie Barr into our Club. A third generation Rotarian, Charlie’s history and tradition of service are a tremendous addition to our Club, and his decision to join us is a great compliment. Welcome, PDG Charlie Barr!

Steve and Meredith Shaw pursued their retirement dream and spent nearly a year aboard 45’ Free at Last, covering 7,150 miles  on the waterways of the Eastern US, completing their ”Great Loop”. Thank you both for sharing your stories and pictures with us, and come to see us any time!

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