Anchor Watch February 23, 2017



February 23, 2017

With apologies to Messrs. Lennon and McCartney “It was 112 years ago today that Paul Harris formed a band to play….” and so we gathered at BCYC to celebrate Rotary’s Anniversary, Newport-Balboa style! (And, it appeared that a few of our members were celebrating elsewhere!)

Does anyone else find it surprising that “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was first released fifty years ago? Tempus surely has a way of fugiting!

We were joined, however, by former RC Honolulu Sunset members Vincent Hodge and Grissel Benito-Hodge (new to the area and checking out Clubs!), former Newport Beach Rotarian (both Sunrise and N-B) Bill Kames, and everyone’s favorite visitor from The Windy City (especially Jo’s), Jay Prenta. Also, our Speaker’s mom, Deanna Boulton, was his and our guest.

Jo, noting the Anniversary, offered the Invocation, Andy C led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Dan Hoffmann led the Four Way Test.  Ably assisted by Pat Reilly on the keyboard, Prez Mike got us rolling into “God Bless America”.

The Prez shared a joke and then turned Suneel loose on the crowd. His first volunteer was Vince who shared that he and Sascha have “set the date” May 19, 2018, and the place, Sayulita (just north of Puerto Vallarta, MX )for their nuptials –best wishes from all!  Jo was happy, as was Dick Dickson for all those who volunteer for Invocations, Bill Kames chipped in as did Lauren for a double date that was a long time coming (Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1969, anyone?) at Disneyland’s Blue Bayou. The Hodges noted their 49th Wedding Anniversary, (thanks Prez Mike) , Bob Kelly is always full of good news , and Roger noted , having spoken to Steve Speer this afternoon, that he is recovering but acknowledges that it will be a number of weeks (4-6) till he’s back to normal (whatever that is), and appreciates the cards. It was also mentioned that Marc Aarons is under the weather – speedy recovery wishes to him as well

A busy season ahead, so check your calendars:  Carpools are forming for District Training Assembly on Saturday, March 4 at Chapman University, followed by a wrap-up at Gina’s Pizza.  Jo Holman is willing to help you register on DaCdb, if you have questions.

Titivation for Arbor Day will be Sunday, March 5 at 9am at Fire Station 7 (20401 SW Acacia St. at Mesa), with deliveries to the schools to be scheduled by the individuals the following week.

Signups are open for volunteers for the Frank Anderson Memorial Track Meet on Friday, March 31 at 4pm at CdM High School Track.

The Habitat for Humanity Build has been rescheduled to April 8, due to recent rains, and we will need to complete our work under the District Grant at ENC so keep weekends open.

PE Bob Kelly introduced our Speaker, Dr. Sean Boulton, Principal of Newport Harbor High School who reported on the history and growth on that campus, in addition to the changes that have taken place over its 88 year history. It was interesting to learn about the faculty members whose names appear throughout the community (e.g.  Loats Theatre,  Davidson Field, Anderson School). He also shared some of the contents from the Memorial Collection on campus, as well as stories of the notable alumni in many fields. He invited us to participate in the Evening of the Arts (5/24), Hall of Fame (5/25), and the Memorial Day Service (5/26).  Thanks Sean, GO SAILORS!

Next week, Sama Wareh will share her insight on the refugee crisis, from Turkey, to Lebanon, and then to Greece, based on her experiences as a humanitarian aid volunteer.    See you then!

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