Anchor Watch for April 17, 2014

April 18th, 2014

We had special vocational visit to the Orange County Rescue Mission. Our hosts were Jim Palmer, President and Ryan Burris, Chief Relationship Officer.

The meeting and dinner was held in the Grand Theater Foyer, which is adjacent to the theater/chapel.
After calling the meeting to order Rodger provided a meaningful invocation. Guests where introduced including: prospective member Joanne Holman, Conner Pittman, Lauren Oberreiter and Simone Oberreiter. Also, joining us from warm Arizona were Walter and Barbara Smith.

Jim Palmer them led off the evening’s discussion about the Rescue Mission. Jim is actually a Newport Beach native having grown up in East bluff and attended CDM High School. Right after high school, Jim started working for the Irvine Company and at age 19 was the executive director of its low-income housing operations. This ultimately led to working for the OC Rescue Mission 14 years ago.

The OC Rescue Mission is a faith-based homeless services charity that operates seven campuses, health and dental clinics, day-care centers, job training and after-school tutoring for its clients. All of this is done at no cost to the clients. What is remarkable is that they mission has no debt and operates without any local, state or federal funding. All of its operations are fully funded by donations.

To learn more about the mission visit

Our speaker next week is Olympian Steve Scott who will speak and present the track meet awards.

Anchor Watch: Rotary Meeting April 11, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Tonight’s meeting was most enjoyable as we enjoyed a beautiful sunset during social hour while meeting new guests, wonderful piano music played by our pianist Pat Reilly, a delicious buffet dinner and great craft talk by Gigi Tsontos.

Everyone in attendance was greeted with a smile by AJ at the front desk who was busy collecting for dinner and obtaining new e-mail addreses.

During social hour this scribe enjoyed conversation with Gigi’s husband Max, Dan Hoffmann, Dick Holmgren, Gary Konecne, Pres. Bob, Ed Rennie, Terry Rousselot, Gary Myers, Steve Speer and Andy Campbell.

Pres. Bob started the meeting asking Roger McGonegal to give the Invocation, Steve Speer the Pledge to our flag, Miyuki Smith-Richardson the 4-way test and Terry Rousselot leading us in singing God Bless America. Introduction of guests included visiting Rotarians Fatima and Wilson Paschoalin along with daughter Ingrid; Tony Abbate from Fort Lauderdale Florida; and prospective Rotarian Hanna Jane (3 months old) daughter of Jay and Miyuki.

Following dinner Pres. Bob called on Andy Campbell to humor us with a story about Obama- care; Tom Walley raising funds for our treasury by asking Bill Davies about his travels; Andy Campbell learning daughter Annie is coming home; and himself for his travels. Happy fines came from Gary Konecne, Gigi Tsontos, Andy Campbell, Roger McGonegal, AJ, John Keer, Fatima Paschoalin and Tony Abbate.

Pres. Bob encouraged all to attend the Dist. Conference in May and volunteer to assist Steve Speer in hosting Hospitality Night.

As usual our best programs come from our own members and Gigi was no exception as she told of her life story growing up in Kansas, learning to be a mini entrepreneur by charging family and friends to view her baby brother, attending the University of Kansas, joining the Peace Corps and living in Koutiala Mali, West Africa; returning to graduate with a Masters degree from Columbia University, moving to California, marrying Max and becoming Executive Director of WTLC. We are proud to have Gigi in our club.

Prayers and wishes go to Wendell Sawyer who is in Hoag Hospital with a staff infection.

Special thanks to Terry Rousselot for taking pictures.

Your scribe for the evening Dick Dickson


Anchor Watch: February 27, 2014

March 10th, 2014

Upon entering the BCYC for tonight’s meeting this scribe was greeted by Justin Peister with a big smile and hand shake while working the front desk.

During social time I had the opportunity to talk with visiting Rotarian Gary Gunther from Boise, Idaho and guest of the club Kent Martin; plus Dan Hoffmann and Roger McGonegal who were both busy preparing for induction of a new member and Jerry Morris who had the room all set up for our meeting.

I found a seat  at a bay front table along with Gary Konecne, Ed Rennie, Jerry Klemmer, John Kerr, Justin Peister and Gary Myers with AJ joining us later.

Pres. Bob called the meeting to order and asked Hunter Cook to give the invocation, Richard Oberreiter to lead us in the flag salute, Jerry Morris for the 4 way test and Bill Davies in singing “Take me out to the Ballgame”.

Following a delicious buffet dinner Pres. Bob asked Roger McGonegal and Pres. Elect Lauren Reeves to perform the induction of our newest member Gigi Tsontos, Executive Director of the Women’s Transitional Living Center.

John Kerr gave us a little humor with a few good stories while Roger McGonegal donated to the club foundation for his involvement in the International Assembly for incoming Governors and the PETS conference for incoming club Presidents. Richard Oberreiter also donated for discovering his ability to free style skiing is not the same as it was when he was in his 20′s…

Pres. Elect Lauren Pittman reminded all to attend the District Assembly this Saturday, 8:00AM March 1 at Chapman University “A free event for all Rotarian’s “featuring Guest Speaker Michael Gibbons “Attitude over Altitude”. Club Sect. Mike McDonough distributed ballot’s for the Notice of Election to the incoming Board of Directors and Foundation Board.

On Sunday March 2 we will meet at Fire Station Seven located at 20401 S.W. Acacia Street at the Northwest corner of Mesa Drive and SW Acacia Street; at 1:00PM for Titivating or cleaning the little plastic pots of some 2500 trees for presentation to 3rd grade students in celebration of Arbor Day.

We also need volunteers for the Spirit Run, March 23 and Track Meet, April 4. Contact John Kerr for further info…

As in the past our greatest programs come from very our own members and tonight was no exception as new member Jose Vergara gave his craft talk which included a fasinating life story from his humble beginnings in Columbia to his present day life here in Orange County.

Your scribe for the evening,

Dick Dickson

Click on this link to view the latest copy of our Anchor Watch newsletter:

Anchor Watch Feb. 20, 2014

February 26th, 2014

ANCHOR WATCH – 2/20/14

In Prez Bob’s absence (back healing slowly), Dick Dickson, ’89-’90 Club Prez, “graciously” agreed to pinch-hit at the podium. He went right to work: John Kerr the invocation, himself the Pledge to the Flag, Jerry Klemmer the 4-Way and the song was Grand Old Flag.

Guests: Walter Smith’s wife Barbara, Steven and Laurie Wick (Rotarians from Canada), Gigi Tsantos (future member) and Kent Martin (second visit to our Club).

Late arrival Tom Walley hit us with some intellectual jokes, e.g: Women like silent men. They think they’re listening.

Finemaster Dan Hoffmann had a banner evening. Fined:
• Grace Austin – $80 fine and rounded it up to $100
• Dave Weiderman – $40 fine, happy to be going to Okazaki
• Jim DeBoom – $80 fine – haven’t seen Jim—Thursday’s are a bad day for him
• Ron Gill – $80 fine and rounded it up to $100
• Happy fines:
o Andy Campbell – bad golf game but still won money
o Steve and Laurie Wick – Canadian women’s hockey team beat the U.S.

Special Presentation: Andy Campbell presented Walter Smith with his Paul Harris +6 pin. Great guy, great organization, great thing to do.

Dick then introduced Warren Johnson of the Salvation Army. Warren’s grandfather and parents belonged to the Army so it was in his blood; he joined in 1985. He is also a member of the Santa Ana North Rotary Club—worked 16 years at District. He rode on the SA float in the Rose Parade for 35 years. Warren is also a chaplain for the OC fire and police departments—on duty 24/7.

Warren spoke about the many excellent programs that do more good than one can imagine:
• Anaheim Rehabilitation Center helping to overcome lifestyles of drugs and alchohol
• Senior Leagues provide services to needy seniors in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Tustin Ranch
• The Hospitality House provides shelter and transitional living to the homeless.

Warren recalled his travels to New Orleans immediately after Katrina providing counseling, shelter and replacement habitats for those affected. The SA ministered to 9,000 temporarily housed in an airport hangar. Particularly gratifying was arranging for a wedding for a couple who lost everything, and getting a deceased foster mother of 84 her just recognition and respect.

All of us recognize the myriad benefits bestowed on humanity, in general, that the Salvation Army provides. And Warren is just one of the thousands in the Army that make it all happen, all without fanfare, notoriety. Thank you Warren for your visit and presentation.

By the way, as the meeting ended, Mary’s little lamb stormed into the meeting, knocked over the desert table and ate the table cloth—you had to be there to believe it!!!

Ed Rennie
El Scribé

February 6, 2014 Meeting

February 10th, 2014

Welcome back Pres. Bob….Following back surgery and 4 weeks of recuperation Pres. Bob was happy to ring the bell to start our meeting.
This scribe was met at the front desk by Dave Widerman who was busy checking everyone in and collecting $$$ for dinner. Steve Speer was also assisting and taking reservations for our Valentine dinner/party.

During social hour this scribe had the opportunity to talk with Grace Austin, Yukari Johnston, Robert Haunschild our speaker along with Barbara Smith and Diane Haunschild (wife of our speaker).

Pres. Bob called upon John Kerr for the invocation, Jerry Klemer for a pledge to our country’s flag and Bob Wood in singing America the Beautiful.

Guests included Nancy Kerr, Barbara Smith, Eve Holmgren, Shelli Obberreiter; visiting Rotarian Gary Gunther from Boise, Idaho and Guest of the Club Gigi Tsontos.

Fortunately I sat at the speakers table with Justin Peister, Andy Campbell, Ed Rennie, Bob Wood and Jose Vergara where we were first in line for a delicious BCYC Prime Rib dinner.

Following dinner Bob Wood called for volunteers to assist one on one with students at Wilson Elementary School in Costa Mesa. Contact Bob @ 949 548-2878 for details.

Jery Klemer, Chairman of Arbor Day asked for sign-ups to assist with our 45th year of Titavating and delivery of some 120,000+ trees to students in the Newport Mesa School District. On Sunday March 2nd., we will meet at 1:00PM for Titivating and starting Monday March 3 through March 7 we will deliver trees to all 3rd., grade students in both Public and Private schools.

Our jokemaster Steve Speer reminded everyone our Valentine Dinner/Party is next Thursday and then proceded to tell a few Jay Leno jokes as this will be has last night for the Jay Leno show.

Finemaster Andy Campbell taged Walter Smith for the opportunity to be in the Rose Parade with wife Barbara on the E-Harmony float and Steve Speer for upcoming 3rd Grandchild. Happy Fines were received from John Kerr, AJ and Jose Vergara.

Our speaker for the evening was Rotarian Bob Haunschild of the Cardio Group ( who has spoken to over 120 Rotary Clubs during the past 18 months on the subject of Heart Disease Prevention.

Hope to see everyone next week at our Valentine Dinner/Party….

Your scribe for the evening, Dick Dickson

Anchor Watch – December 12, 2013

December 13th, 2013

With two craft talks scheduled, Prez Bob got the meeting off precisely at 6:15 asking John Kerr for the invocation which asked special attentiveness to politicians and Prez Bob’s back surgery tomorrow.  Bill Davies led the Pledge and Bob Wood the 4-Way Test.  With more than a bit of urging, Prez Bob led the Club through a rather ragged rendition of “Deck the Halls.”

Guests were Ray Sanford – District Governor Designate 2016-17, Mark Pitman, Barbara Smith, members in waiting Gigi Tsontes and Jose Vergara.

Prez Bob called BCYC waiter José and cook George Repicault to the podium and presented them with Xmas gifts in recognition of all that they do for us.

Jerry Morris announced that the Club is putting together a delegation to go to Okazaki in April 2014.  The expected tab is $3,000.  All are welcome, no encouraged.

Steve Speer said that 66 have already signed up for the Xmas party on 12/19; he expects the final tally to be near 80, really great.

Roger McGonegal noted that contributions to The Rotary Foundation are still very welcome.  The Club’s goal is $250/member.

Walter Smith announced that he and wife Barbara will be on the E-Harmony Float in the upcoming Rose Parade; Walter and Barb met on E-Harmony.

Former member Hal Gray, a great one really, continues to battle cancer.  A prayer or two wouldn’t hurt.  Hal’s spirits are high as always.

Jokemaster Ed told three lawyer jokes.  Surprisingly, Prez Merring followed up with one of his own.

Finemaster Jerry Klemmer extorted $40 from Bob Wood who still loves his wife.  Tom Walley paid a sad $20; alma mater USC lost to UCLA.  Walter Smith paid a happy fine for the expected clean bill of health from yesterday’s PET scan.  Roger McGonegal paid a $66 fine matching his age at last week’s birthday.  Finally, Harvey Wallbanger paid a happy fine for the continuing sobriety of his grandmother.

Newer member Mike McDonough began the first craft talk with another lawyer joke.  Mike noted his famous grandfather who was the politician responsible for the law which inserted “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mike is a CA native beginning life in Riverside.  Mike started out making pizza pies and quickly gravitated upward to management.  Mike moved on to retail management for Thrifty Drugs.  He began working in a restaurant—he loves cooking and thought Chef-ing would be a great career.  A friend asked Mike if he would like to try insurance which started Mike on his lifetime career path, unbeknown to him at the time.  Realizing that a college degree was almost a prerequisite, Mike quickly got one.  He still couldn’t shake the restaurant bug; he bought a restaurant of his own.  However. the insurance business was not to be denied.

Mike has now been a Commercial Insurance Broker in San Clemente for about 20 years specializing in workers compensation.  Mike tries to minimize claims through training, education and negotiating solutions with all of the parties involved.

Mike has never let the grass grow under his feet.  He likes taking risk.  Looking back on it all, Mike exemplifies the “it’s a wonderful life” theory.  Thanks for joining the Club Mike; you’re sure to make it a better place.

Long-time member Terry Rousselot complemented Mike’s craft talk with one of his own.  He grew up on an orange ranch in Whittier, CA.  He got a degree in Business-Marketing from UCLA and quickly joined the Navy.  He served two tours both in the Yellow Sea (between Korea and China).

After being a “landman” in Casper WY for a short time, Terry joined the Exxon-Mobil team in Southern CA buying/trading corner properties destined to be gas stations.  Five years later, Coldwell Banker called.  Kaufmann & Broad followed.  Finally, Terry became an independent real estate broker.  Not sure if Terry is retired, but does an independent real estate broker ever really retire?

Terry joined Rotary in 1968 and was Club President 20 years later.  He cherishes his years as a Rotarian.  He has made the Club a better place.

Ed Rennie

El Scribé


December 5, 2012 Meeting

December 13th, 2013

Joined by Pres. Bob and Diane Daruty in the lobby of the BCYC we went looking for our meeting venue until we were escorted upstairs by our refreshment server to find Walter Smith busy greeting all in attendance along with Richard Oberreiter at the sign in desk.

During social time and before the meeting was called to order by Pres. Bob this scribe was able to talk with our Ambassadoral scholarship student Shuji along with AJ, Dan Hoffmann, Gary Myers, Jenny Davies, Barbara Cook and Barbara Walters.

Pres. Bob asked John Kerr to give the Invocation followed by Steve Speer leading us in the Pledge; Terry Rousselot in song; and yours truly in the 4-way test.

We then proceeded to the main dining room for a delicious Prime Rib dinner.

Following dinner Pres Bob and Tom Walley exchanged $$$ due to the results of a USC/Stanford football game with all bets going to the benefit of our club foundation.

PDG Roger McGonegal presented our own Pat Reilly (Pianist) with a Paul Harris Fellowship for being so faithful in bringing the “sound of music” to our ears each and every week during our meetings. Pat thanked Terry Rousselot for introducing her to our club.

Jerry Morris spoke of the upcoming 8 day trip to Okazaki, Japan planned for April 2-10 , 2014 with the Newport Beach Sister City organization. Contact Jerry if you have interest…

Steve Speer said we still have room for a few more to join our club December 18 for the Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade and dinner at the BCYC. Cost is $100 per couple and to assure your being able to attend contact Steve ASAP.

Marc Aarons introduced Shuji Tanaka Ambassadorial Student for this past year attending UCI who gave a recap of his experience in Orange County and especially the opportunity to attend and speak at a different Rotary Club each of the 12 months. Shuji was hoping to present Bill Hossfeld with a surprising gift of a calendar with pictures of them together during this past year; however, Bill was unable to attend due to other commitments and lower back ailments.

Pres. Bob then introduced our own Dr. Bob Wood who spoke about his journey into the controversial field of UFO’s and a book titled “Alien Viruses” written by Bob along with Nick Redfern. What follows is a strange and controversial one, and encompasses incredible tales of shadowy whistleblowers; leaked, and apparently – still – classified, documents of
the highest classification,” plus sources buried within the heart of the world of international espionage; crashed UFOs; dead alien bodies held in cryogenic storage within secure official facilities; and a cover-up of manifestly epic proportions that had its origins in the harsh deserts of New Mexico in the summer of 1947, and extends to the heart of the White House itself.” A truly fasinating talk given by “as Pres. Elect Lauren said” a person highly respected by each and every member of our club.

Your scribe for the evening,
Dick Dickson

Anchor Watch: November 21, 2013

November 25th, 2013

The meeting opened almost on time when President Bob Merring rang the bell with the authorized one strike from the mallet. Bob was on a mission; get the formalities out of the way as quickly as possible so that there is 45 minutes to devote to the evening’s program. There were six guests at tonight’s meeting but no time to introduce them until – well, wait till the end of this report.

The Invocation was delivered by Walter Smith, followed by the Pledge led by Jerry Klemmer and the 4-Way Test coached by Justin Peister. What, no time for a song? What the #$% – and then Dick Dickson and perhaps Ed Rennie broke into God Bless America – up an octave for even a soprano – pianist Pat quickly got on board and others were catching up then the Dickson table wrapped up the song – Grim performance, but we took the time to keep the tradition. Sorry, President Bob. Traditions are hard to drop.

Steve Speer made a reminder announcement about the Club’s traditional Holiday Party Extravaganza and Boat Parade viewing from our beautiful water front venue at BCYC starting at 5:30 PM with cocktails, Dinner at 6:30 PM with an expected arrival of the lead boat for the parade around 7:30 PM. Get your checks in now ($45 Members and $55 Guests). Mail to the Club PO Box or to Steve Speer.

Our Program and Speaker tonight was delivered by Marty A. Brounstein and introduced by President Bob. Since 1991 Marty has the led the consulting firm *The Practical Solutions Group,* serving a wide variety of clients across many industries on issues of leadership and organizational effectiveness. He is also the author and contributing author on 7 books in the field of management and communication. His eighth book is quite different and special and is titled, *Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust*. It has put Marty in the interfaith business, as he has a story of a Christian couple, Frans and Mien Wijnakker of the
Netherlands, who saved the lives of at least two dozen Jews during World War II and the Holocaust. This book takes Marty back to his early career as an educator, when he was teaching history including the Holocaust. With tonight’s presentation, Marty has delivered 217 speeches about these ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

He lead into the story with a lot of history and statistics leading up to the total take over and domination of Europe by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi war machine. Starting with Poland on September 1, 1939 Hitler’s troops marched through Europe with France falling in just 30 days and the Netherlands in one week. Marty’s focus was on the life and heroic contributions of Frans and Mien Wijnakker who risked their lives and convinced others to risk their lives to save many Jews (mostly children) at risk by hiding them in their homes. Frans and Mien are credited with saving two dozen lives. One of the children, was born after her family was saved by Frans and Mien Wijnakker. She is today, Marty’s wife Leah.

The statistics on WWII are mind blowing. Human casualties were 55 Million, two thirds were in Europe. In Holland alone there were 140 thousand Jews at the start of the Holocaust (Hitler’s Final Solution) and 107 thousand of these Dutch Jews were transported and killed in the Death Camps (over 75%). Thirty thousand Jews made it into hiding, thanks to the efforts of people like Frans and Mien Wijnakker. There were 11 Million casualties resulting from implementing the “Final Solution”, six million were Jews and another 5 million were those who spoke out and protected the Jews.

The lessons this story teaches are wide ranging. If you were there tonight, you may have purchased the book. It is available on and also for the Kindle or iPad ($ 8.50). I believe it will be a good read.

With the program over, President Bob wrapped things up by announcing that he will be undergoing major back surgery the first of December. Not to worry, he has put in place a cadre of experienced and well qualified Past Presidents to lead the Club and upcoming meetings during his absence.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM with one ring of the Memorial Bell. Oops, Bob forgot to mention the six guests at tonight’s meeting. How embarrassing – he turned red. The guests were introduced as David Widerman(soon to be member whose daughter will be going to Okazaki with the youth exchange), Barbara Smith (wife of Walter Smith), Gigi Tsontos (prospective member, checking out our Club), Andrew McDonough (son of member Mike McDonough), Jose Vergara (soon to be member) and Miranda Anderson
(prospective member, checking out our Club). The meeting was over.

Very respectfully submitted by your Scribe de Jour,

Wendell Sawyer

Anchor Watch: November 19 2013

November 19th, 2013

Dave Hodges is going for Rotarian of the year working the front desk two weeks in a row, congratulations on 30 years of marriage. Resident practicing accountant Steven Williams led us in invocation remembering military police and fire, that his blessing enlightened and strengthened us. Yours truly AJ led the pledge, Ron Gill led the four way test. We went to the bullpen with Dick Dickson and sang one of very favorites, God Bless America. The formalities were finally over.

Jerry’s wife’s best friend got engaged to a 95 years old. Andy Campell shot a net 65 and lost money. Dr. Rick Weiss’ mom was visiting from Philadelphia. Lauren was happy that our speaker. AJ was back from the honeymoon in Tahiti. Terry Rousselot was told by his doctor that he is cancer free. Stevie Wonder was talking to Tiger and he said what you do is common and Tiger challenged and said any time any place and Stevie said tomorrow midnight…da dung ching!

Lauren Pittman has agreed to become our President Elect. Congratulations Lauren you will do a great job! Now who wants to be on the board.

Join us Dec 6th 8am at 5 Crowns $22 Sister Cities Association Holiday Breakfast. Ask Prez Bob for details.

Anyone interested in visiting Japan on April 5th 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the Okazaki & Newport relationship, please let Bob know if you are interested in attending in Japan.

Our speaker Abdullah Akbar the founder of EACH Education for Afghan Children which distributes school supplies to orphans. When the Soviets invaded in 1979 he chose to return to help his family and friends. He was recruited by the CIA as a liaison in the early 1980’s. He was born in Kabul Afghanistan and he was a nationally televised as an expert with many showings in the early 2000’s on all the major networks. Afghanistan used to be called the Paris of Asia. His book titled “The Jewel Carriers” published in 1999. The movie was about his torture by the Russian’s. The most corrupt country in the world is Somalia the second is Afghanistan. Opium is not only Afghan involved in the distribution.


A.J. Thielen


Anchor Watch: November 7, 2013

November 11th, 2013

For the first time, we met upstairs in two rooms with a fireplace in the middle.  Worked well—plenty of privacy.

With Prez Bob ailing, Jerry Morris filled in seamlessly getting the meeting started right on time.  Andy Campbell led the invocation, Walter Smith the Pledge to the Flag, Dan Hoffmann the 4-Way Test and John Kerr, songs, Four Leaf Clover.  Acting Prez Jerry then ordered all downstairs for a superb prime-rib dinner.

Introductions begun after dinner: Eve Holmgren (Dick’s wife), Andrew McDonough (Mike’s son), Pimpa Tara (guest of Linda Klevatt), David Wiederman, Jose Vergara, and Ginny Davies (wife of Bill).

Steve Speer announced that our Christmas/Boat Parade meeting will be on December 19—likely cost about $100/couple.  Roger McGonegal said that the District Foundation Dinner already has about 330 attendees with solid representation from our Club.  Jokemaster Jerry Klemmer revealed the secret of winning the lottery.

Finemaster Steve Speer tapped Andy Campbell who announced his first great granddaughter.  Walter Smith paid a happy fine for his newly-improved vision.  Mike McDonough paid a happy because of the really outstanding athletic achievements of his daughter, who just keeps getting better.

Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach then took the podium with a well-prepared Power Point mostly highlighting the low-lights of Orange County’s current financial problems in all of their depressing details.  John’s great sense of humor carried the day.

John started out with numbers that looked like a surplus and then introduced more and more deductions which ultimately translated to a deficit, a very big one.  He noted that 92% of the County’s revenue comes from real estate taxes.

From a State standpoint, the 2002 budget was in surplus.  Gray Davis turned that around in a big way with major deficits each year which is why he was recalled.  The Terminator not only continued the fun but made them even worse.  Under Brown, things have not gotten any better.

One of John’s late slides was titled of “Fiscal Matters In Flux.”  He noted huge and growing infrastructure costs, and uncompromising union demands.  He said that the big elephant in the room is the $5.6 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.  He felt Winston Churchill was ahead of his time with “gentlemen, we’re out of money; now it’s time to think.”

John wonders where, when and how government profligacy will end as did we all.  In spite of his years of experience, he admitted that he didn’t know.

It was a great presentation from one of the most important members of our community.  Thanks John from all of us.


Ed Rennie
El Scribé

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