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February 23, 2017

With apologies to Messrs. Lennon and McCartney “It was 112 years ago today that Paul Harris formed a band to play….” and so we gathered at BCYC to celebrate Rotary’s Anniversary, Newport-Balboa style! (And, it appeared that a few of our members were celebrating elsewhere!)

Does anyone else find it surprising that “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was first released fifty years ago? Tempus surely has a way of fugiting!

We were joined, however, by former RC Honolulu Sunset members Vincent Hodge and Grissel Benito-Hodge (new to the area and checking out Clubs!), former Newport Beach Rotarian (both Sunrise and N-B) Bill Kames, and everyone’s favorite visitor from The Windy City (especially Jo’s), Jay Prenta. Also, our Speaker’s mom, Deanna Boulton, was his and our guest.

Jo, noting the Anniversary, offered the Invocation, Andy C led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Dan Hoffmann led the Four Way Test.  Ably assisted by Pat Reilly on the keyboard, Prez Mike got us rolling into “God Bless America”.

The Prez shared a joke and then turned Suneel loose on the crowd. His first volunteer was Vince who shared that he and Sascha have “set the date” May 19, 2018, and the place, Sayulita (just north of Puerto Vallarta, MX )for their nuptials –best wishes from all!  Jo was happy, as was Dick Dickson for all those who volunteer for Invocations, Bill Kames chipped in as did Lauren for a double date that was a long time coming (Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1969, anyone?) at Disneyland’s Blue Bayou. The Hodges noted their 49th Wedding Anniversary, (thanks Prez Mike) , Bob Kelly is always full of good news , and Roger noted , having spoken to Steve Speer this afternoon, that he is recovering but acknowledges that it will be a number of weeks (4-6) till he’s back to normal (whatever that is), and appreciates the cards. It was also mentioned that Marc Aarons is under the weather – speedy recovery wishes to him as well

A busy season ahead, so check your calendars:  Carpools are forming for District Training Assembly on Saturday, March 4 at Chapman University, followed by a wrap-up at Gina’s Pizza.  Jo Holman is willing to help you register on DaCdb, if you have questions.

Titivation for Arbor Day will be Sunday, March 5 at 9am at Fire Station 7 (20401 SW Acacia St. at Mesa), with deliveries to the schools to be scheduled by the individuals the following week.

Signups are open for volunteers for the Frank Anderson Memorial Track Meet on Friday, March 31 at 4pm at CdM High School Track.

The Habitat for Humanity Build has been rescheduled to April 8, due to recent rains, and we will need to complete our work under the District Grant at ENC so keep weekends open.

PE Bob Kelly introduced our Speaker, Dr. Sean Boulton, Principal of Newport Harbor High School who reported on the history and growth on that campus, in addition to the changes that have taken place over its 88 year history. It was interesting to learn about the faculty members whose names appear throughout the community (e.g.  Loats Theatre,  Davidson Field, Anderson School). He also shared some of the contents from the Memorial Collection on campus, as well as stories of the notable alumni in many fields. He invited us to participate in the Evening of the Arts (5/24), Hall of Fame (5/25), and the Memorial Day Service (5/26).  Thanks Sean, GO SAILORS!

Next week, Sama Wareh will share her insight on the refugee crisis, from Turkey, to Lebanon, and then to Greece, based on her experiences as a humanitarian aid volunteer.    See you then!

Halloween Party!

November 1st, 2016

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The Invitations teased a “Very Spooktacular Club Meeting” and indeed it was, with special thanks to the Clan McDonough for a very special pre-Halloween get-together, Newport-Balboa Rotary style!

Clearly, there was going to be some serious competition for the Best Costume prizes, but more about that later.

Richard O provided a thoughtful Invocation, Steve W led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Guest Speaker Paul Scheper led us in the Four Way Test, and then we sang our hearts out for the Cubbies in “Take Me Out…”

As mentioned, First Lady Nanette and First Son Andrew came early for the setup and they were joined later by Eleanor Dickson, and Shelli O. Jerry Klemer brought his costumed band including Aloha Linda (Carl), Cindy Beutel, and Ed Escano. Inductee Vincent Priolo hosted his fiancee Sascha de LA Cruz along with his parents Rotarian Jeff (Past President, RC San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, D 5240) and Cheryl Priolo. Our Speaker’s wife Gigi Scheper assisted, and Visiting Rotarian Bob Donoghue (RC Grand Cayman, D 7020) and his wife Ella came to see us while visiting their son, who lives nearby.

Some guy in a suit, pretending to be our Club Rotary Foundation Chair, presented Lauren with her PHF+2 pin, and reported good, but not great, results (so far) on the Raffle Ticket sales BUT we are approaching three tables for the Rotary Foundation Centennial Gala (to be held on November 19 at The Balboa Pavilion). Event Chair Lauren expressed her thanks for this and announced that two of our members have become Sponsors of the event! (Thank you Marc and Tony Sayegh for your generosity)

Dan Hoffmann inducted Vince to Rotary and to our Club in the presence of family and friends, and we are proud to count him among us. From his earliest visits to us, he has clearly demonstrated his willingness to serve, so Welcome Vince Priolo, our newest member!!

Paul Scheper has known President Mike for most of his life, and following his schooling at Harvard and USC, he has had a successful career in real estate. During this time he has watched, listened, and learned and has summarized his observations in a book “The ABCs of Self-Improvement: The Psychology of Improving”, some highlights from which he shared with us in his talk, plus he offered free copies to all. Thank you Paul, very interesting, and very generous.

OK, so you want to hear about the costumes! Indiana Jones was there, along with TWO Batmen, a knight with his lady and coterie, the Phantom of the Opera, a Chef, a Sumo wrestler, a Track Coach, heck even Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother was there! Drumroll, please: the third place prize went to Jerry Klemer; second to Lauren Pittman; and first prize to Dick and Eleanor Dickson ! Congrats and thanks, enjoy the weekend, have a safe and Happy Halloween,  and see you next week for Prime Rib and an update on the widening of the 405.

Anchor Watch October 20, 2016

October 24th, 2016

img_6797 20161020_181514_001 img_6795 img_6788


This week, President Mike decided to “take us on the road” and so, with a little help from Bob Kelly, it was off to the Environmental Nature Center for Rotary, Newport-Balboa style!

Jo and Charlie Barr were working the desk at ENC (and Jo is putting together a new order for RCNB shirts, if you are interested) and the crowd gathered for a short tour. It was getting dark, so we got to see only about 1/3 of the trails, but especially for those who had never been there before, it was a very interesting walk!

When we returned to the only Platinum LEED building in Orange County, Hal Barstow provided a thoughtful Innvocation .

Charlie had invited his neighbors to join us and so Mike, Paige, and Leo Lavorando came to their second (hopefully not last) Rotary event and Jerry Klemer’s friend Linda Carl accompanied him. Kay Jaitly brightened up the room and Vince Priolo attended his last full meeting as a guest.(Hal was there for his last partial meeting as a guest) It was great to see Lauren, and Justin, and it’s good to know that Andy C had a nice month in France! Other good news is that Heather Speer is at home and doing well with her two new kneesJ

The Prez asked Roger to induct Hal Barstow, and so, that was done. Welcome Hal, we look forward to many years of friendship and stories!

Past President and Chair of our District’s Rotary Foundation Centennial Gala (to be held on November 19 at The Balboa Pavilion) Lauren expressed her pride and gratitude for our growing (beyond two tables) support of the event, and reminded Roger to push those Raffle Tickets, which of course, he did! (Don’t worry, there are still some left!!)

And it would be most appropriate to thank Steve Speer for the great salads and pizzas that he provided for our meal, and Bob Kelly for the nice selection of wines that he brought for us to enjoy!

Old friend of our Club, Bo Glover, Executive Director of the ENC provided an interesting presentation of the history and site of this unique learning campus, which has grown over the past 44 years, thanks to the vision and hard work of dedicated educators and volunteers. Last year, over 28,000 students from Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties experienced the variety of species of plants and trees, learning environmental lessons. Always improving the programs, he told of the Travelling Naturalists who brought the learning to over 10,000 students whose Districts did not have funding to transport the students here! Bo also expressed his appreciation for the support we and our Sister Rotary Club (Okazaki-South, Aichi, Japan) have provided, especially with the dedication of the only Butterfly House in Orange County (a Rotary Centennial Joint Project) and this year’s refurbishment work! Thanks Bo for your wonderful work right here in our backyard!

Don’t forget, our Spooktacular Halloween Party is next week at BCYC!

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August 26th, 2016



August 25, 2016

In the early afternoon, a substantial number of us had gathered at Pacific View to attend the Memorial Service for Ed Rennie and then, for many, a brief stop back at the office and then time to go to Rotary.

Beginning the Meeting with a brief remembrance of Ed, President Mike asked PP Andy C to provide our Invocation, PP Steve Speer to lead us in the Pledge to Our Flag, PP Wendell led the Four Way Test, and then we sang “God Bless America”

It was a full house, with many visitors including PDG Charlie, who wouldn’t be a visitor again, and his RC Upland buddy Gary Brendzel (who lives in Huntington Beach), Dr. Gerrold Popejoy from RC Foothill-Highlands (near Sacramento), returning Rotarian visitors included Nora Haddad (RC Beirut, Lebanon), Cora Jackson (RC Santa Cruz, Bolivia), and for his third annual visit with us Austrian Rotaractor Andreas Hartlieb. Returning candidate Vince Priolo brought his friend Jarred Fish and Dale Leiter paid us another visit. And our speakers were Long Beach Rotarians Steve and Meredith Shaw!

Prez Mike took a few Presidential Minutes to share with the Club some of the topics to be addressed in next week’s Club Assembly and in future meetings, at which all members will have an opportunity to share in the decisions about our Club’s future manner of doing business. For example, we can decide to continue with weekly dinner meetings with speakers, or we could decide to replace one meeting with a cocktail and snacks get-together once a month to allow Committees to meet and conduct their business, or… Future topics include membership definitions, and attendance requirements so please come to these meetings and be prepared to share your thoughts on potential improvements “for all concerned”.

An Irish joke (the Murphy twins!) from the Prez and then Dan did his best Suneel imitation (the highest form of flattery) as Finemaster, getting everyone involved (and paying): Marc, Kent, Jo, Kelly, Andrew B, Cora, Wendell, Tom and Steph Walley (15th Anniversary!), the Shaws, Gary Myers (57th Anniversary), Andy C, Roger, Steve, Mike, Wendell, Wajih, Linda, Vince, and Nora. (A nice report from Vince on how he and Sacha took the leftovers from our BBQ to feed the homeless – the heart of Rotary!)

Roger reminded that now the tickets are sold for the Angel Game, it’s time to get our Pre-Game Chili Cookout plans finalized for September 10, and be sure to mark your calendars for our District Foundation Gala (chaired by our own Lauren!) at the Balboa Pavilion on Saturday November 19. He then proceeded to induct PDG Charlie Barr into our Club. A third generation Rotarian, Charlie’s history and tradition of service are a tremendous addition to our Club, and his decision to join us is a great compliment. Welcome, PDG Charlie Barr!

Steve and Meredith Shaw pursued their retirement dream and spent nearly a year aboard 45’ Free at Last, covering 7,150 miles  on the waterways of the Eastern US, completing their ”Great Loop”. Thank you both for sharing your stories and pictures with us, and come to see us any time!

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June 3rd, 2016



June 2, 2016

Warming temperatures and big surf, it must be June (already) along the Coast, combined with the convergence of Newport-Balboa Rotary and Prime Rib Night at BCYC!  (There was also some alleged conspiring going on in the corner of The Columbia Room, which is another Rotary Year-end tradition.)

Andy C provided our Invocation, Suneel led us in the Pledge to our Flag, PDG Roger led the Four Way Test, and Dick Dickson led us in “God Bless America”. In his comments Andy noted the recent passing of two of our outstanding Past District Governors, our own Jim deBoom (1997-98)and Dr. Mike Abdalla (1995-96).

Visiting Rotarians included PDG Charlie Barr (RC Upland,D-5300) and Alex Garcia (RC Morelia, Mex. D-4160) and Eve Holmgren, Shelli Oberreiter, and First Lady to-be Nanette McDonough brightened the room with their presence.

Visitor Alex Garcia of Morelia, Mexico, who will serve his Club as President in 2017-18, exchanged banners with Prez Steve, who then shared a couple of pretty good, and evenly balanced, political jokes with the assembly.

Dan Hoffmann got the fine machine rolling with promises from Ed Rennie, Jose Vergara, and Bob Wood, and we all know that they are good for it! He also shared a unique opportunity, thanks to onetime visitor Cathy Reed, Senior VP of F&M Bank, to enjoy the “ Ultimate Collector Car Beach Party” aka Russo and Steele Automobile Auction, June 10-12 from the Bank’s Skybox!  Interested parties should contact Dan ASAP. He also noted a recent outbreak of non-Rotarian behavior, i.e candidates for fining not responding to messages left, soliciting their participation in this Club Tradition. He did not mention names, but there were EIGHT recent occurrences!!

On a lighter note, Andrew B celebrated ten days in NYC followed by Memorial Day in Palo Alto; Jo noted the handsome visitors flanking her; Roger noted the beginning of The Rotary Foundation’s Centennial Year at this week’s Seoul Convention, and wished PE Mike and Nan a “fun” year leading our Club; and Andy, Suneel, Alex, Gary, and Dan all had cause for some more Happy Fines! Thanks to all!

President Steve thanked Ron Gill for hosting last week’s exceptional  Port of LA Tour (our fourth!) and also Hostess Jo for making sure that all participants had a fun outing!  He went on to remind us of the Daily Pilot Community Service Hall of Fame Luncheon, next Friday June10 at the American Legion Post on the Peninsula, at Noon.  He announced that Marc Aarons will be recognized at the event and that our Club will have at least one table, so, SIGN UP NOW! Contact Jo please!

Suneel, back from a dash across the Pond to see his kids, received his Blue Badge. Congrats Suneel

And for the Calendar, Demotion will be June 30, we will be DARK on July 7, DG Ray Sanford’s Official Visit to our Club will be August 11, and The Angels End Polio Now Game will be September 10. In the interim, we’ll have programs on Adult Literacy (6/16) and the Beckman Laser Institute (6/23).

Richard O introduced our Speaker, Matt Szabo, Sports Reporter for the Daily Pilot. A tall athletic kid who found that he enjoyed writing, Matt has the perfect job as he’s been covering High School Sports in our Community for the past ten years. He shared stories of watching young athletes progress from the Daily Pilot Cup to the Olympic Trials and foresees a very busy weekend with CIF State Finals in Track and Field, and Southern Section Championship Games in Baseball and Softball.

See you at the Track Meet next April, Matt! And thanks, Richard!!

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May 20th, 2016



May 19, 2016

You had to know that it was May, with that May Gray all dayJ But that didn’t dampen the spirits of Rotarians coming together for fellowship and service, Newport-Balboa style.

Steve Williams provided our Invocation, Bob Kelly led us in the Pledge to our Flag, Gary Myers led the Four Way Test, and Jerry Morris led us in “God Bless America”.

Visiting Rotarian Tony Sayegh joined us for dinner, anticipating that his transfer from RC Glendora will be complete soon.  Dick Dickson hosted Diane Oaks,  Director of Marketing for Irvine Valley College and Mike Saidi brought Marc Bruner, an environmental engineer, as his guest.  Thanks for sharing Rotary!

PE Mike got the fine machine rolling with contributions from Steve Williams who is still celebrating the end of tax season, and Miyuki celebrating her completion of five years’ service to our Club as Program Chair. In fact Mike then asked everyone to kick in $5 as an expression of gratitude for all those great programs, and we did!! Roger kicked in, acknowledging the great turnout, and FUN, by all at last week’s Hospitality Night at District Conference. And Bob Kelly reported on a very successful Spring Faire at ENC, of which our Club was a proud supporter, and noted the scheduled appearance of Chris Epting, a favorite speaker of ours, at ENC on June 29, discussing his latest book on Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir’s cooperation in the establishment of Yellowstone National Park.

President Steve reported from the Board Meeting that the Trip to Okazaki, Japan has been cancelled, but that the Taste of Japan is alive and well, scheduled for October 29 at OASIS. Also, with large organizations being placed ahead of our group of Rotary Clubs, we will, most likely, not have our Habitat for Humanity build this Rotary Year  (but that’s only 44 days). It was also noted that Wajih will be attending not only the International Convention in Seoul, beginning next weekend, but also will spend a day at the World Water Summit, as our representative. Thanks Wajih!!

President Steve has asked for Nominations for this year’s Daily Pilot Community Service Hall of Fame, which henceforth will be named in honor of its founder, Jim de Boom. Please email to the PREZ by next Thursday, May 26, the name of a RCNB Rotarian that you feel deserves to be recognized for his/her outstanding contributions to our community as well as to our Club. The Award Luncheon will be at The American Legion Post at Noon on June 10.

Other things for your calendar: We will be DARK NEXT WEEK AT BCYC, 5/26 for the Port of LA Tour and Vocational Visit to Container Terminals and Dinner. Space is still available, leave from OASIS at 1pm.

Watch for upcoming “Firesides” to help President Elect Mike and his Board set priorities, budgets, and programs for the coming year.

The second weekend of June is shaping up to be a busy one, with the Daily Pilot Luncheon on Friday 6/10, the ENC Summer Soiree the evening of Saturday, 6/11,  Bob and Lynda Wood have invited all to an 88 (Bob’s age) 77 (Lynda’s upcoming Birthday), 11 (their Wedding Anniversary) Party at their home on the afternoons of either 6/11 or 6/12, and there will be a Celebration of Life for PDG Mike Abdalla on Sunday 6/12 (check with Roger for details).

Frank Pine, Executive Editor of Southern California News Group, which recently acquired the OC Register and which operates 10 other daily newspapers, as well as weeklies and websites, was our Speaker. He provided a very interesting picture of how the information business has changed, the resulting impact on daily newspapers, and how they are changing in and for the digital age, and future.

Anchor Watch May 12, 2016

May 13th, 2016



May 12, 2016

 Track Winners 5 12 16


As soon as you approached the Meeting Room, you knew that it was time for our Track Meet Awards Dinner!  All of the energy and excitement that the student/athletes brought to the field was evident throughout the halls of BCYC!!

Dick Dickson provided our Invocation, Medal Winner Owen Lucas led us in the Pledge to our Flag, Kent Martin led the Four Way Test, and Dick Dickson did double duty and led us in “God Bless America”.

In light of the atmosphere, it was decided not to announce the passing of Dr. Mike Abdalla of RC Orange, who had served not only as our District Governor (1995-96), but also as a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation (2004-08), but please keep his widow Jean and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

As noted, the room was packed, some families had been there before and some were new-comers, but we did our best to welcome and congratulate them all. The entire McDonough clan was in attendance and it was learned that former NB Rotarian Burr Allegaert had hoped to come down from Camarillo to see his grandson Gavin receive his two medals, but alas complications prevented it, so his son Steve and family conveyed Burr’s best wishes to all. Molly Patience and Cody Muson from Newport Parks and Recreation were there to assist in the presentations.

In all, 16 student/athletes were in attendance, representing Harbor View, Newport El, Lincoln, OLQA,  and Mariners, among others, and the presentations of the medals, as part of our exchange with our Sister Club, RC Okazaki South (D-2760, Japan) went smoothly, with plenty of photo opportunities for all.

Coach Bill Sumner, noting 33 years at CdM, saluted the winners and inspired all with his comments, then introduced Lilly Schmidt, one of his latest crop of outstanding runners whose candor about the challenges overcome and the sweet glow of victory capped the presentations.

For the calendar:

Hospitality Night will be tonight, at The Fairmont on MacArthur, so we’ll see you at your volunteered time, or earlier as the bar opens at 4:30!

Our Joint District Conference with our friends from San Diego (D-5340) continues through the weekend.

Next week, our speaker will be the new editor of the OC Register, Frank Pine.

The Port of LA Tour and Vocational Visit to Container Terminals and Dinner will be May 26  (we will be dark at BCYC).

On June 2, sports writer Matt Szabo will be our speaker.

Demotion will be June 30 and PP Lauren will appreciate your help in planning and executing this great Year End Tradition.

Remember your Coin Banks next week, and we’ll see you tonight!!

Anchor Watch May 5th, 2016

May 6th, 2016



May 5, 2016

And so it came to be Cinquo de Mayo at BCYC, where it was not Prime Rib Night (shifted because of BCYC schedule), and the gang assembled for more Rotary, Newport-Balboa style, with Pat on the keyboard and friends and family in attendance.

And what a crew it was! Visiting Rotarians included PDG Charlie Barr (RC Upland), Cora Jackson (RC Santa Cruz ,Bolivia), and Tony Sayegh (RC Glendora). Laurie and John Bishop came to assist Bob Kelly in his assigned task, and it’s always good to see Jay Prenta when he’s in town, and Mike Saidi hosted Dr. Kory Toumineh for his first visit with us. Returning travelers included Grace Austin, Yukari Johnston, Tom Walley, and Wajih Malki, along with PP Lauren, and Justin, both of whom have been real busy balancing work and family lately. Great to see you all!

Andy C provided our Invocation, Justin led us in the Pledge to our Flag, Tom Walley led the Four Way Test, and Dick Dickson led “God Bless America”.

Prez Steve shared a few pretty good political jokes and then turned the fines over to PE Mike who had tapped Wajih (his Second CHOC Follies, a family vacation cruise and work in SE Asia!), Yukari ( Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, on the way to Japan!!) and Lauren ( District Conference Gala and , as she found out, Demotion!!!)J  Tom W was happy to be back, midway between Miami and Palau, and reported a good conversation with Art Walton, Roger mentioned the District Conference, and Tony Sayegh, sadly noted the destruction of his home city, Aleppo, but he’s glad to be here and to be alive!!

Grace Austin presented President Steve with four Exchange Banners from Rotary Clubs in Tokyo, where she had “made up” meetings during her travels. Thanks Grace!

Noting that support of Club and District activities is a part of membership, our calendar includes: Track Meet Awards, next Thursday May 12 to present awards to our Track Meet Winners!  And what a great opportunity to invite a friend to see our Club’s work! (Thanks, Marc, for sharing that suggestion)

Hospitality Night next Friday, May 13, at The Fairmont on MacArthur. Volunteers are still needed. Set-up will begin at 4pm, and three shifts of pasta preparation/serving and wine pouring will highlight our traditional “Italian Night” theme. AND The Joint District Conference continues through the weekend.

Our Port of LA Tour and Vocational Visit to Container Terminals and Dinner will be May 26 so you need to sign up soon (we will be dark at BCYC), and, yes, Demotion will be June 30 and PP Lauren will appreciate your help in planning and executing this great Year End Tradition.

We always welcome the opportunity to learn more about our new members in their Craft Talks, and Bob Kelly has quite a story to tell. Weaving links to Jackie Robinson, Knute Rockne, Harrison Ford, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bob told us about his family, his Forty-One year career as a Teacher at Newport Heights Elementary, and his life of service, particularly to youth.  Even after retiring, he voluntarily conducts sessions for students five days a week, helping prepare them for life. This is in addition to his service to the Environmental Nature Center and to the Newport-Mesa Schools Foundation. His list of Awards and Recognitions run two pages (single spaced), but include “Exemplary Science Educator” (UCI), and Elementary Teacher of the Year, 2001 (NMUSD). We are grateful to Dick Dickson for bringing Bob Kelly into our Club, and we thank Bob for all that he has done, and continues to do, in our community.




Anchor Watch April 7th, 2016

April 9th, 2016



April 7, 2016

IMG_4084 IMG_4080

And so, as a drizzly, gray day turned into evening, it was Newport-Balboa Rotary Time, with Pat on the keyboard to lighten the mood!

Andrew B provided our Invocation, Dan Hoffmann led us in the Pledge, and Richard O led The Four Way Test, but the Prez declared “no song” and so it was.

We had quite a bunch of visiting Rotarians including PDG Charlie Barr (D 5300, 2007-08) and his buddy PDG Gene Hernandez (D 5300, 2008-09, yes, Gene is Roger’s classmateJ), James Morgan (RC Pomona), Cora Jackson (RC Santa Cruz, Bolivia), and Tony Sayegh (RC Glendora). Eve Holmgren and Kay Jaitly classed up the room, as they always do, and it’s always great to have our traveler, Wendell Sawyer, join us!

Jerry Morris invited all Red Badgers to stick around after the meeting to accelerate their Blue Badges, and will do so again next week. Dan Hoffmann reminded all that the Coin Banks fund many of our local programs, and thanked those who have continued with them, asking all to do so.

A new addition to the Calendar will be the return of the LA Harbor Cruise and Dinner on Thursday May 26 – and we will be DARK at BCYC that evening. Ron Gill will be working the details with the Prez, so watch this space for further details, but plan on a 1pm departure from OASIS.

President Steve shared a couple of pretty good jokes and then it was time for Finemaster(PE) Mike to start the collection! Andy C paid to pitched “Rotary Direct”: (we need five more sign-ups this month), Roger thanked Lauren and Mark for expanding the Vintage 5320 Wine Tasting to our Club Members ( a lovely evening at Chez Pittman) and Wendell and Jerry also pitched in.

So what does the Calendar look like?

The Frank Anderson Youth Track Meet of Champions, in conjunction with Newport Beach Recreation Department, will be at CdM High School Track, next  Friday  April 15  starting at 4pm .

RYLA is the following weekend, April 22-24, and our returned campers will be our guests on April 28!

Online Registration is open (DaCdb) for Joint District Conference, May 13-15 at Fairmont on MacArthur, we’ve reserved our location for Friday Hospitality Night, BUT WE NEED WORKERS so register now to cook pasta, pour wine, learn  a bit, and spend time with great Rotarians!.

As noted above, the LA Harbor Cruise will be May 26  and then the Daily Pilot Community Service Award Luncheon will be held on Friday, June 10 at the American Legion Post and it will be dedicated to Jim deBoom, and we will have a table (or two). And finally, on Thursday, June 30 we bid farewell to Prez Steve and welcome Prez Mike at our Demotion DinnerJ. And the Angels Game will be August 22.

It’s been said before, but Craft Talks by our new members are some of the most enjoyable programs of our Club. Suneel did a masterful job in telling the story of his family, his life, his career, and what brought him to Rotary against a backdrop of pictures ranging from his family in India, his years in England and in New York,  through the lucky day he was seated next to Kay on a delayed flight! Thank you, Suneel, it is our privilege to count you among us!

Remember that DUES are Due!

Next week two Elementary School  teachers who received Grants from us (through Newport Mesa Schools Foundation) will be our guest speakers!

Anchor Watch – Sep. 19, 2015

September 21st, 2015

It was time to get back to BCYC, with a clear sky over the harbor, and Pat on the keyboard.

The Board Meeting finished on time, so there was no rush to get things going, and it turned out to be “just us”, no visitors.

Bob Kelly provided a very nice invocation, Bill Davies led The Pledge, Jerry the Four Way Test, and Steven Williams led us in “Take Me Out….”.

The Prez reported on the Board Meeting, with a focus on upcoming events, of which there are quite a few, for example:

Back Bay Cleanup-BBQ  this Saturday morning (9/19)at Shellmaker Island, beginning at 10 am we’ll cook and serve burgers for 150+volunteers.

Annual Okazaki Exchange BBQ on Friday, October 2 at the Park on Private Road, with our Students, their Host Families, Sister City folks, and City Officials, with NBFD on the Grill.

DG Kevin’s Official Visit on Thursday, October 8, starting with the Board Meeting at 3:30pm, followed by a regular Club Meeting.

We have received a shipment of our new Club Exchange Banners, which received nice comments, so when you travel, be sure to bring some with you.

Many nice things were said about last week’s Family Picnic, be sure to mark your calendars for our Christmas Boat Parade Party on Thursday, December 17.

For all who have served our Club as President, our Annual Past Presidents’ Cruise will be finalized soon.

Mike Saidi and Bob Kelly have expressed interest in getting things rolling for our RYLA interviews. Isn’t it great for our new members to jump right into this program! Thanks fellas.

PP Lauren has developed a list of “Rotary Rudders” ( buddy/mentor pairing ) assignments that will be distributed shortly, so that we can be sure that we do not lose track.

Jerry K shared a joke and Mike McD got the fines rolling, having caught Ed Rennie and Gary Myers from the Poker Group, and Aj, Roger, Dick, Bob K., Marc, Ed and Hunter shared their reasons for being happy (some of which were related to College Football)

Mike McD introduced Jay Johnstone as our speaker, and he was perfect for the crowd, as he shared insider stories, from on the field and off, from his twenty years as a professional baseball player with a reputation for jokes and pranks. In addition he was a color commentator for the Yankees and the Phillies and also appeared in the ‘Naked Gun” movie series. There were names all over the place, Sinatra, DiMaggio, Mantle, Lasorda, Steinbrenner, too many to write down!!

We’ve seen Jay before, particularly since he’s a Rotarian (RC LaHabra) and a Paul Harris Fellow, and we hope to have him come back to share more of his stories.

See you next Thursday, if we don’t see you before then!

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