Anchor Watch – Jan 15, 2015

January 16th, 2015

As we prepared for our second meeting of the New Year, Pat provided some background tunes as President Lauren greeted a substantial number of guests and visitors.
Linda Klevatt provided the invocation, Jerry Klemer led the Flag Salute, Dick Holmgren the 4Way Test and then Lauren led us through our new welcoming song  (PLEASE bring the lyrics, Prez, so we can do it justice☺)
Our guests included Rotarian Gary Gunther, in from Boise for a few more weeks, Vivian Lewis a Rotarian from Pacific Grove relocating here, and candidate Mike Saidi making his second visit. Miyuki brought her mom Miko and  friend Yvonne to check us out, and Jo brought her mom Betty Nakahira (as both moms are originally from Okinawa, they might even be related!). Jo also hosted the Founder of CHOC Follies Gloria Zigner, her husband Irv Goldberg, and her business partner Marcie all in support of our Guest Speaker.
Dan Hoffmann, Finemaster, did a great job hustling the crowd, as usual, tapping Jo, and Mike McD, AJ, Steve Speer, Wendell, and Ed Rennie among others.

Jan Birthdays!

Jan Birthdays!

Marc Aarons did an exceptional job telling us about the upcoming Concert to End Polio featuring polio survivor and well known jazz saxophonist David Sanborn (Sunday, March 15 at The Carpenter Center at CSULB, at 2pm) Marc volunteered to organize ticket purchases so we can all sit together. There will be a VIP Reception after the performance to meet the artist, and 80% of the proceeds will go to End Polio , which will then be doubled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Check your calendars and contact Marc.
President Lauren reported on the Platters Live event, honoring Rotary International President Gary Huang, and made sure to mention that over 100 Special Olympians and families attended as guests of Rotary-specifically ten as guests of our Club!! Thanks to our Club for supporting the event☺
Plans are moving forward on the Fiji Water Project and Trip in May, and the Prez asks all to share the details of the Joint Fundraiser (with Newport Beach Sister City Association on May 8 at Oasis) with  friends, potential sponsors, sources of auction/raffle items, etc. ensuring its success.
Steve Speer started the sign-up for the Progressive Dinner coming up soon-ON JANUARY 29!! From those in attendance, over 30 signed up and a few members were not at the meeting , so we could be looking at 50!! PLEASE CONTACT STEVE SO WE KNOW HOW/WHAT TO PLAN.

IMG_2969Our guest speaker, Paul-Dean Martin, provided an outstanding overview of the CHOC Follies, which has raised over $7 Million in support of the mission of our premier children’s hospital. He shared his passion and enthusiasm for the community volunteers and the quality of the performances, which trace back to its inception eighteen years ago under the guidance of our guest Gloria Zigner.
This year’s presentation will be CHOCago, April 2-4 at the Robert Moore Theatre at OCC.  Details at
We are fortunate to have volunteers and organizations such as this in our community, who are so dedicated to help sick children and their families.

Anchor Watch – January 8, 2015

January 9th, 2015

Entering the Fireside Room of the BCYC this scribe was met by A.J. and Andrew McDonough with a big smile and handshake while working the front desk signing in all attendees. Dan Hoffmann was also welcoming all to our first meeting of the new year.

President Lauren sure knows how to bring everyone together as the room was packed with members, visitors and guests. This Scribe found a seat at a table along with Hunter Cook, Dick Holmgren, Gary Myers, Justin Peister and Steve Speer where we enjoyed some great conversation during Cocktail Hour before the meeting started.

Pres. Lauren started the meeting by welcoming all to the Greatest Rotary Club in “All the World” and asking yours truly for the Invocation followed by Ron Gill in the Pledge to our Country’s Flag, Jerry Morris in Tall Fashion the 4-way test and PDG Bill (Lauren’s Dad)  Reeves in song.

Guests included William Reeves PDG Carson City, Nevada; Mark Pittman “Lauren’s Husband and 1st. Dude”;  Portia Weiss;  Jo Holman’s daughter Asia Lani and her boyfriend plus her best friend and business partner Marci Prentiss along with a number of Guest’s of the Club.

Following a delicious Prime Rib buffet Pres. Lauren introduced the Rotarian of the Month Justin Peister who joins Miyuki Smith-Richardson, Roger McGonegal, Ed Rennie, Mike McDonough and Jerry Morris a very select list of Rotarians who are making a difference for this club’s operation. Justin who is our Director for Community Relations and President Elect for 2017-18 headed up a fundraising effort within our club to the tune of $1800.00 for three family’s from the Child Abuse Center presents to enjoy during Christmas.  IMG_8752

Finemaster Ed Rennie found two finee’s without to much trouble: the first being yours truly who has been a member of the club for 45 years and happy to be able to stil be involved. Second was Ron Gill who was pleased to have his daughter home for the holidays from U of A. Happy fines came from Portia Weiss, Rick Weiss, Steve Speer, Gary Myers, Roger McGonegal, Justin Peister and Ed Rennie.

Pres. Lauren thanked everyone who attended the great Holiday Party held on the second night of the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and surveyed the group as next year the party will be back in the main dining room.  Also, she reminded everyone tho help her with with “Taste of Japan” on May 9th., along with our Sister City Association to raise funds in order to continue sending deserving students to Okazaki, Japan for an annual reciprocal student exchange. Lauren needs help from every Rotarian in seeking sponsors in the categories of beverages, banking, automobile, culinary products, utilities, electronics and trade sponsors in the newspapers, radio and TV.

The best part of the evening was a craft given talk by Jo Holman who joined our club last August.

From her presentation and the write-up Dan Hoffmann gave her when joining our club we are fortunate to have Jo as a member of our club.

IMG_8753.2Jo spent her early years in Buena Park and graduated with a BA from California State University in Communications with focus on broadcasting and producing of broadcasts.  She had a career in the ad industry producing radio and TV ads. She married and raised two kids, currently age 19 and 17.  While being a  “stay-at-home” mom, she developed her artistic side and learned jewelry using semi-precious stones.  Jo became quite proficient in jewelry making and decided to turn it into a business.  She started to hold “jewelry Tupperware parties” to sell her art to friends and acquaintances. An ensuing divorce and the 2007 crash required her to go back to work.  She hired on as a personal assistant to a wealthy executive, running the gentleman’s life and partially the business.  There she picked up the knack for business and after several strenuous years of “24/7” assistance, decided to buy a franchise.

Jo is co-owner of Home Helpers OrangeCounty, providing home health care for elderly people.  Jo, of Hawaiian descent, spent summer’s with her grandmother in Hawaii. Not surprisingly, one of her hobbies is Polynesian dancing,

She is the oldest of 4 siblings.   A personal tragedy, the unexpected death of her older sister at the age of 21 and the ensuing care she gave to her parents, coined her very much and was instrumental later in her life in entering the elder care business. Why did Jo want to join Rotary?  She has always been volunteering.  First to help her parents get over the death of her older sister, then as mom being active in PTA.  Because of her professional background she has been in community outreach, helping kids in education.  Jo feels that she wants to give back to her community and sees Rotary as an excellent venue to doing so.  She joined Rotary to “give back” to the community and to be part of a larger organization.  She is very interesting in supporting the various community service endeavors of our club.

Pres. Lauren announced we will have a Progressive Dinner scheduled for Thursday, January the 29th., our regular scheduled meeting night. The dinner will be coordinated by Linda Klevatt, Roger McGonegal and Wendell Sawyer.

A super great evening and wonderful way to start the New Year.

Your scribe for the evening, Dick Dickson

Anchor Watch – DECEMBER 11, 2014

December 12th, 2014

Against a backdrop of holiday lights on homes across the bay, with Pat providing sounds of the season, President Lauren called the meeting to order
Hunter provided the Invocation, John Kerr the Pledge, Jo Holman the 4Way Test, and Ron Gill set a new standard for song-leading, with “Jingle Bells”. (Written by James Lord Pierpont, published in the fall of 1857 under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh”)
Guests included First Dude Mark Pittman and Ken Lorin, Ken Sachs, and Jerry Herrington all friends and supporters of our Guest Speaker.
President Lauren reminded us that for The Boat Parade Party next Thursday: we will be on the patio; there will be a tent and heaters; she will bring blankets, earmuffs and scarves; our hospitality begins at 5:30pm (remember that traffic can be “difficult” and that BCYC will probably have valet parking); the lead boat is scheduled to pass BCYC at 7pm; and we will be able to access the dessert bar easily☺
There were some disparaging remarks about the absence of costumes at our Halloween meeting, with the challenge that we do a better job with Yule Garb!!. (so dig out those Ugly Christmas Sweaters!)
The Prez and the PDG then made presentations of recognitions, thanking these Rotarians for their generous support of The Rotary Foundation: PHF+7 Hunter Cook, PHF+4 Gary Myers, PHF+2 Dick Dickson and Ron Gill, and Benefactors of The Rotary Foundation  Dick and Eve Holmgren. Miyuki Smith-Richardson also received recognition from RI for Sponsoring a New Member, Jo Holman.
The Prez then thanked PDG Roger for taking over coordinating the scribe duties for the balance of the year.      NOTE: Volunteers who would be willing to serve in this important Club Service role, once a month, should contact him at .
Tickets are still available for the Dinner with Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang on December 28 at The Grove in Anaheim, with entertainment by The Platters-Live!  Check with PDG Roger for details.
Justin Peister then thanked the Club for the generous support of the Families Helping Families program, having collected over $1800 for necessities and gifts for the three families adopted by our Club.And then he took over as Finemaster nabbing Marc Aarons, who recognized his sister, currently stationed in Germany with the US Navy, whose operational responsibilities are focused in Africa. And in absentia, Justin tagged Kent Martin and Lyman Porter. Jerry Klemer paid a happy fine for his granddaughter, a student at U of Utah, who landed a paying intern job in her field, public relations!
A Committee has been formed to redesign and order of a supply of the small banners exchanged by members and presented to guests. Anyone with graphic or design talent would be welcome to join First Dude Mark, Secretary Mike McD, and that PDG guy in this effort.
Dick Dickson introduced our Guest Speaker John Sturgess, a friend of his for over 20 years, who recently authored a book “How a Boy Grows Up to be a Man”. Starting his comments with a comparison of how a family functioned in the post WWII era to one of today, he reflecting on the work ethic and the expected courtesies demonstrated in public, to exposure to the arts, dress codes, and sportsmanship.  These, along with the importance of having and using a sense of humor, and maintaining a spirit of curiosity are challenged by the digital revolution, but are essential in the development and refinement of the current and future generations.  Our thanks to John for reminding us of the importance of values and principles in everyday life

Anchor Watch Oct 2, 2014

October 3rd, 2014

Welcomed by Dan Hoffmann at the entrance to the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club this scribe enjoy’s the fellowship of belonging to the “Greatest Rotary Club In All The World” .

AJ Thielen and JoAnne Holman greated members and guests at the front desk as PDG Roger McGonegal was preparing to get the meeting started as Pres. Lauren was away on business.

This scribe found a seat along with Richard Holmgren, Terry Rousselot, Linda Klevatt, Steve Williams, Bill Davies and Linda’s guest Denese Zink when Roger called the meeting to order and asked Steve Williams for an Invocation; followed by Richard Oberreiter the Plege of Allegiance; Justin Peister 4-way test andTerry Rousselot in singing “Take me out to the Ballgame”..Introduction of guests included Denese Zink, Nancy Kerr and Marlene Prentis.

We than enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner which included my favorite (Prime Rib, Creamed Spinich and Seared Ahi, Ice Cream and Cookies” along with background music provided by our Pianist Pat Reillly.

PDG Roger called up Marc Aarons for the outstanding Okazaki BBQ and Pumpkin carving event with over 120 in attendance. Marc then gave special thanks to: Dan Hoffmann, Gary Konecne, Matt Larson, Jerry Klemer, Mike McDonough, Steve Speer, Richard Oberreiter, Grace Austin, Linda Klevatt, JoAnne Holman, Rebecca Armato, Roger McGonegal, Dick Dickson and Bob Wood who participated in making the event so successful.

Roger asked Justin Peister to auction two tickets to this weekend’s play at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center with Steve Speer being the top bidder; upcoming announcments included Tuesday, October 14 a delegation from the city of Okazaki will be in town; Friday, October 17 Business Leadership Awards; Friday October 24 World Polio Day and Saturday Nov. 8 Foundation dinner.

Our Jokemaster for the evening was Steve Speer with some Baseball one liners for all the Sports fans in attendance; followed by our Finemaster Ed Rennie who was greeted with plenty of Boo’s before removing $$$ from John Kerr (Daughter Senior in College); Diane Daruty (Upcoming Frank Andersen Track Meet) and Gary Myers (Hopeful someday retirement with son’s taking over business). Happy Fines came from Roger McGonegal, Ed Rennie and Marc Aarons.

Hunter Cook introduced our speaker Dennis Miyati who presented a very personal and informative talk about a disease that can affect us all and our loved ones. The Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County is here to help with a 24/7 telephone support helpline 1 800 272-3900 or

We are very very fortunate to enjoy Rotary with such a great group of friends, beautiful sunset and location!!

Your scribe for the evening, Dick Dickson

Anchor Watch June 12, 2014

June 17th, 2014

The Club’s going upscale—valet parking tonight; outside, another perfect evening.

Prez-for-a-day Andy Campbell opened the meeting on the dot of 6:15. Mike McDonough gave a thoughtful invocation; Terry Rousselot led the salute to the Flag; Bill Davies was out in front for the 4-Way Test; Richard Oberreiter conducted “Take me out to the ballgame.”

Guests included Roman Darmer, Joanne Holman, and Rebecca Armato all membership candidates. Also introduced and reconsidering membership was Robb Livingston, a Club member for many years—years ago. Robb is back in the area permanently and looking forward to renewing friendships

After dinner, Lauren Reeves recalled fond memories from the recent Rotary Int’l Convention in Sydney, Australia. Terrific would be an understatement. Even the Prime Minister of AUS, Tony Abbott, attended. Lauren hosted a party on our behalf.

Steve Speer reminded all of the Club’s 75th Anniversary bash at the Club in two weeks—on 6/26. The price is $39.75 each. Come one! Come all! For anyone with a drop of Rotarian blood or appreciation, it’s a “must do.” Steve then launched into the role of Jokemaster—got a 50% rating from the group.

Dan Hoffmann excelled as Finemaster going first after infrequent attendees. His victims: Nate Owens $80, Tariq Shamma $80, Kwamina Botsio $80, Burt Zillgitt $40, and Marc Aarons $40. Hunter Cook who almost never misses a meeting also threw in $40. Happy fines were paid by Ed Rennie, Terry Rousselot and Dick Dickson. Our speaker Bill Parrish even threw in $5 followed by a whopping $50 from guest Rebecca Armato.

Hunter Cook introduced our speaker for the evening, Bill Parrish, who has been in the insurance industry for most of his life. While Bill’s topic was the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), Bill gave an interesting overview of the industry in general. The government began requiring employers to offer HMOs in 1973. Since then, the industry has become steadily more complicated with the ACA being the icing on the cake—20,000 pages now with many thousands of pages of rules and regs to follow.

Insurance used to be the purview of each State. ACA obviously changed all of that. Bill was very reluctant to predict the structure of health insurance in years to come. Bill noted the $95 fee or 1% of income (whichever is more) that must be paid if those who choose not to have insurance. The IRS will levy such fees. To boil things down to understandable terms, Bill used a great flower analogy—very entertaining, informative and effective—and scary.

A spirited, non-political discussion followed—yea right! Was great fun.

Lauren concluded the meeting by passing out mementos of her AUS trip to club members using raffle tickets and Justin Peister’s impartiality.

Great meeting! Good speaker! Good subject! Great participation!

Ed Rennie
El Scribé

Anchor Watch May 22nd, 2014

May 28th, 2014

Tonights meeting was a great time enjoyed by all, filled with much laughter and sharing of stories capped off with a fabulous speaker.

The evening started out with anticipation of a great program. Roger McGonegal past district governor and past president of our club led this evenings meeting and welcomed everyone to the greatest Rotary Club in the World Newport Balboa.

Dick Dickson gave us a heart felt invocation about appreciation and reminder to remember all those who have served in our military and remember those who currently serve abroad.during the Memorial Holiday Weekend. Jerry Klemer led us in the pledge of allegiance, followed up by song master Bill Davies with America the Beautiful

Guests were introduced starting with Steve Speer who introduced his wife Heather followed by Art Walton back two weeks in a row who introduced visitor and past member Jack Connole “a blast from the past”,

Dan Hoffmann introduced two guests, returning visitor from last week visiting us from Pasadena Rotary Rebecca Armato. It is my understanding Rebecca is working on transferring over to Newport Balboa Rotary club. Dan’s second guest was a friend of Dan’s who is in town to celebrate his son’s graduation this coming Sunday from San Diego State. His name is Jean-Luc-Bussy whom Dan worked with years ago at Swiss RE. Jerry Klemer introduced his guest Cynthia Beutel who is a healthcare advocate.

Mike McDonough brought two guests this evening, his wife Nannette and their son Andrew. Hunter Cook introduced last weeks guest speaker Dr. Jim McGaugh who was visiting with us tonight in support of this evening guest speaker Jim’s good friend and colleague Dr. Claudia Kawas professor at UCI. Also joining us a bit late was Art Walton’s wife Andra.

We then broke for dinner and everyone enjoyed a nice meal and there was much laughter and comradery. After dinner we were entertained by VP and current acting president our own Jerry Morris who was our joke master. The first joke was his best and then it went down hill from there. He told about 3 jokes and he became the butt of his own jokes. It was fun.

John Kerr was this evenings Fine Master and was able to fine 3 members $40.00, Walter Smith who bought a new home with wife Barbara in Mesquite NV and is still thinking about building a new home, Diane Daruty was fined $40.00 and she was grateful for her son attending RYLA camp this year and John read a nice thank you note written by Diane’s son who mentioned what a great time he had and how many nice people he made and new friendships created.

The 3rd fine went to tonights greeter Lyman Porter. Lyman’s story was about past member and late member H. Woodrow “Woody” Linton and his second wife who recently passed. Her name is Mary Teegardin and she was 99 years, 11 months and 3 weeks old when she passed. One week away from her 100th birthday.

Happy fines were started off by visitor and past member Jack Connole, Bill Davies paid happy fine for his return from Caribbean, Panama Canal and he said in another week his wife will be shopping in Paris France. Hunter Cook paid happy fine returning from his recent vacation, Steve Speer paid happy fine because he is happy we are back to cool weather, Dan Hoffmann paid happy fine for his friend whom he used to work with was in town and he came to visit Dan while in town. Ed Rennie paid the last happy fine, he was happy that Mike McDonough played poker the night before with the prestigious Rotary Club poker club. Ed was happy because Mike McDonough who dealt last hand made 2, 3, and 4 wild and it made the poker game more interesting with 3 wild cards. Incidentally Ed won that hand!

Roger McGonegal then inducted our newest member Kent Martin who is sponsored by Dan Hoffmann. Kent is from the Verdugo Hills area and now current resident of Newport Beach. Kent is a successful realtor and will be a great asset and Rotarian of Newport Balboa. Roger then recognized membership chair Dan Hoffmann for all his efforts in increased membership and Dan’s commitment as membership chair. Roger awarded Dan with an Ignite Rotary Pin as recognition for all is efforts.

The program continued with Hunter Cook introducing our guest speaker Dr. Claudia Kawas professor at UCI. Dr. Kawas is a colleague of last weeks guest speaker and resident of Newport Beach Dr. Jim McGaugh. Dr Kawas was recently on 60 Minutes a couple weeks ago. 60 Minutes aired a special on seniors living over age 90. Dr. Kawas’s research stems back to 1981 and 14,000 residents who lived at Leisure World in 1981 and is now known as Laguna Woods Community. The research is specific to brain function and the causes of dementia as we age. Out f the 14,000 past residents they have been able to locate approximately 1,600 from around the US and they are all part of the current studies being done by Dr Kawas and her research team. It was a very interesting and informative talk that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Anchor Watch for May 8, 2014

May 13th, 2014

Prior to the meeting, all attendees toured the trailer our Club Foundation purchased for Disabled Sports USA which was in the parking lot. It was new and very impressive, all kinds of skis and equipment for the slopes.

Acting Prez Steve Speer announced that President Merring has resigned both his presidency and also his membership in the Club, effectively immediately. Jerry Morris will coordinate further Presidential activities. Various Past Presidents will assume duties at front of the room on a weekly basis.

Richard Oberreiter gave the invocation, Stephen Williams the pledge, and Gary Konecne the 4-Way Test. Guests included visitors Tim and Marie Takeshita from Costa Mesa, and Joanne Holman all considering Club membership. Gary Konecne introduced love-of-his-life Eileen Murphy. Guests from DSUSA were Glen Lunzman, Steve Reese, Fong Lee and Michelle Pastor.

After dinner, Jokemaster Jerry Klemmer laid three jokes on us averaging 7.5 (scale of 10). Finemaster Ed Rennie then had a field day–$40 fines from Danny Frankel, Mike McDonough, Lauren Reeves and John Kerr. Noting $160 already in the till, Ed added a $20 happy fine and asked for four more $5 happy fines to make the $200 mark. Wow! The following responded: Roger McGonegal $5, guest Joanne Holman $20, AJ Thielen $5, José Vergara $5, Gary Konecne $10 and Grace Austin $20. $245 total! Bigfoot (Yetti) said he would have given $100 but lost his wallet on Mount Everest.

Grace presented Rotary banners from clubs in Tokyo and Osaka obtained on her recent two-month sojourn through the Far East.

Jerry Morris reminded that the Club is still trying to meet its $200/member contribution to the RI Foundation. Dick Holmgren will be making phone calls next week. He also asked members to keep tabs on Hal Gray and Art Walton who are both having severe health problems.

Lauren then introduced Dave Widerman for a craft talk. Dave is a CPA and has had his own business for about 15 years. After high school, Dave took a job with Kaiser Aluminum at $28.50/hour (big money in those days) but working under ungodly conditions. After four months, he knew there had to be something better; he immediately enrolled at Penn State. Many of Dave’s clients are blue-collar types whom Dave empathizes with. He loves his practice.

Gary Konecne then took the floor to describe the efforts and activities of DSUSA. He noted how the trailer purchased by our NBRC Foundation has really made the group’s skiing activities at Mammouth Mountain much easier. Fong Lee then offered appreciative thanks and showed a video of DSUSA skiers going through their paces at Mammouth. As Fong told us, DSUSA gives him opportunities he would never have had and has made his life much better. He said his experiences were multiplied many times over for many others. As regards the money for the trailer, we all agreed it was money very, very well spent!

Ed Rennie
El Scribé

Rotary Meeting May 1st 2014

May 6th, 2014

Past President Jerry Morris back from Okazaki arrived early to have the room set-up for tonight’s meeting while Pres. Bob was out of town representing our club at the District Conference in Temecula.

Incoming President Lauren Reeves-Pittman was at the front desk checking in members, visitors and guests while Jose Vergara was greeting all in attendance with a big smile.

During social time this scribe had the opportunity to talk with Jerry Klemmer, Bill McClellan, Ed Rennie, Steve Speer, Andy Campbell, Bob Smith, David Hodges, Dick Holmgren and Linda Klevatt prior to Jerry Morris who calling the meeting to order by asking John Kerr to give the invocation, Jose Vergara the Flag salute, Richard Oberreiter 4-way test, Steve Williams in “God Bless America” accompanied by pianist Pat Reilly on the Piano; and introduction of guests by Pres. Elect Lauren which included James Surber with the Coast Guard, Guests of the Club Michael Weishafter, Kent Martin and JoAnn Holman plus Marie and Tim Takashita and Hanna Richardson (Miyuki and Jay’s daughter),

Following a delicious buffet dinner Ed Rennie brought smiles to everyone by giving us a number of one-liners prior to Roger McGonegal giving recognition to Dick Holmgren for his recent trip to New Mexico where he and Eve rode in a baloon during the baloon festival; Jerry Klemmer who gave up his time so Jerry Morris could tell us about our Sister City Club visit to Okazaki and Bill McClelland who has not been in attendance during the past couple of months traveling and enjoying family. Happy fines came from Linda Klevatt, Diane Daruty, Steve Williams, Jose Vergara and Roger McGonegal.

Jerry Morris reminded all to participate in our clubs goal to the Rotary Foundation or expect a call from Dick Holmgren; and to send in quartely dues which were due this past month. Jerry then thanked John Kerr and Richard Oberreiter for assisting in the selection of seven students (3 boys and 4 girls) to represent Newport Beach and our club during the student exchange with Okazaki, Japan.

Pres. Elect Lauren reminded us that we will have a fund raiser in October and celebrate our clubs 75th.,Diamond Jubilee anniversary on June 27th.

Richard Oberreiter introduced our guest speaker Capt. James Jenkins, USCG Sector Commander who gave us a video presentation and brought us up to date on the Coast Guard in Today’s World. With over 41,000 active duty; 8000 Reserves and 30,000 Auxiliary members the main goal is to provide Marine Safety, Maritime Security and Maritime Stewardship for Southern California. With 40% of all cargo entering the U.S. through Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors this is no small task. James was first stationed in Newport during the years 1991-93 on the Point Divide located at the Coast Guard Station just down the street.

Thanks to all who helped make this evening so enjoyable,



Your Scribe for the evening,

Dick Dickson


Special thanks to Jose for the photos.

Anchor Watch for April 17, 2014

April 18th, 2014

We had special vocational visit to the Orange County Rescue Mission. Our hosts were Jim Palmer, President and Ryan Burris, Chief Relationship Officer.

The meeting and dinner was held in the Grand Theater Foyer, which is adjacent to the theater/chapel.
After calling the meeting to order Rodger provided a meaningful invocation. Guests where introduced including: prospective member Joanne Holman, Conner Pittman, Lauren Oberreiter and Simone Oberreiter. Also, joining us from warm Arizona were Walter and Barbara Smith.

Jim Palmer them led off the evening’s discussion about the Rescue Mission. Jim is actually a Newport Beach native having grown up in East bluff and attended CDM High School. Right after high school, Jim started working for the Irvine Company and at age 19 was the executive director of its low-income housing operations. This ultimately led to working for the OC Rescue Mission 14 years ago.

The OC Rescue Mission is a faith-based homeless services charity that operates seven campuses, health and dental clinics, day-care centers, job training and after-school tutoring for its clients. All of this is done at no cost to the clients. What is remarkable is that they mission has no debt and operates without any local, state or federal funding. All of its operations are fully funded by donations.

To learn more about the mission visit

Our speaker next week is Olympian Steve Scott who will speak and present the track meet awards.

Anchor Watch: Rotary Meeting April 11, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Tonight’s meeting was most enjoyable as we enjoyed a beautiful sunset during social hour while meeting new guests, wonderful piano music played by our pianist Pat Reilly, a delicious buffet dinner and great craft talk by Gigi Tsontos.

Everyone in attendance was greeted with a smile by AJ at the front desk who was busy collecting for dinner and obtaining new e-mail addreses.

During social hour this scribe enjoyed conversation with Gigi’s husband Max, Dan Hoffmann, Dick Holmgren, Gary Konecne, Pres. Bob, Ed Rennie, Terry Rousselot, Gary Myers, Steve Speer and Andy Campbell.

Pres. Bob started the meeting asking Roger McGonegal to give the Invocation, Steve Speer the Pledge to our flag, Miyuki Smith-Richardson the 4-way test and Terry Rousselot leading us in singing God Bless America. Introduction of guests included visiting Rotarians Fatima and Wilson Paschoalin along with daughter Ingrid; Tony Abbate from Fort Lauderdale Florida; and prospective Rotarian Hanna Jane (3 months old) daughter of Jay and Miyuki.

Following dinner Pres. Bob called on Andy Campbell to humor us with a story about Obama- care; Tom Walley raising funds for our treasury by asking Bill Davies about his travels; Andy Campbell learning daughter Annie is coming home; and himself for his travels. Happy fines came from Gary Konecne, Gigi Tsontos, Andy Campbell, Roger McGonegal, AJ, John Keer, Fatima Paschoalin and Tony Abbate.

Pres. Bob encouraged all to attend the Dist. Conference in May and volunteer to assist Steve Speer in hosting Hospitality Night.

As usual our best programs come from our own members and Gigi was no exception as she told of her life story growing up in Kansas, learning to be a mini entrepreneur by charging family and friends to view her baby brother, attending the University of Kansas, joining the Peace Corps and living in Koutiala Mali, West Africa; returning to graduate with a Masters degree from Columbia University, moving to California, marrying Max and becoming Executive Director of WTLC. We are proud to have Gigi in our club.

Prayers and wishes go to Wendell Sawyer who is in Hoag Hospital with a staff infection.

Special thanks to Terry Rousselot for taking pictures.

Your scribe for the evening Dick Dickson


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