Arbor Day

ARBOR DAY is an opportunity to celebrate trees and what they contribute to humanity and our environment.  It started approximately 145 years ago when Birdsey Northrop, a noted educator traveled throughout the United States urging people to plant trees to beautify America.  The State of Nebraska took heed and in 1872 became the first state to proclaim Arbor Day.  They started to beautify their landscape and enrich their soil which produced more oxygen for their residents to breath.  In California, we celebrate Arbor Day on March 7th, honoring Luther Burbank’s birthday, a famous naturalist known for improving many varieties of new eatable plants and trees.  Other states celebrate Arbor Day later in the spring when their weather improves which to promote the growing of trees.

School children have been planting trees since 1884 when the National Education Association started to promote Arbor Day as a sign of spring and all the good that plant life brings to their communities.  Many of the great trees you may see at our national shrines, churches, and public facilities, including schools, were planted by students like yourselves in observance of Arbor Day and the joys of spring.

The Rotary Club of Newport-Balboa has been observing Arbor Day since 1969 when our Club President/retired USMC General/O.C. Board of Supervisor Thomas Riley started giving seedling trees to all students attending third grade in both a public and private schools located in the cities of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.  So to celebrate this 48th year of giving a seedling trees, your fellow third grade students will be able to plant over 2,500 trees in the community during the Spring of 2017 in the past joining well over 100,000 other students who have received a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. 

Your seedling tree is commonly known in Lagerstroemia Tuscaora or Crape Myrtle. This tree will bloom vibrant red flowers and grows up to 25 feet high.  It is a rapid growing tree, around 3-5 feet per year.  It is a very durable and hearty tree that can grow virtually anywhere.


Thank you for helping another tree to grow that will help the beauty of our Community and help the environment.





What is Arbor Day?

A day honoring trees and their value to our environment. It is observed all our 50 states.  Arbor comes from the Latin word “Arbus” meaning tree.


What is an Arbor?

A shelter or covered place in a garden, formed by latticework covered with climbing shrubs or branches, to provide beauty and shade. Trees provide beauty and shade.


Why is Arbor Day Important?

Because trees are very important to our World. They help to fight the effects of pollution, provide us with oxygen.


In California Arbor day is celebrated the week of March 7th-14th

This commemorates the March 7th birthday of Luther Burbank, a famous naturalist, who crossed two plants to make new kinds of fruits.


In other states, Arbor Day is later in the spring because snow and cold weather are not good for planting trees.


Our Newport-Balboa Rotary Club has been giving seedling trees to every Third Grade student in the Newport-Costa Mesa area since 1969. This is our 48th year. Over 120,000 trees have been given to third grade students like you for planting in our area.


Your tree:  Is known as the Lagerstroemia Tuscaora or ‘Crape Myrtle’.  This tree is an ideal solution for small areas that don’t have much planting space.  This tree is a fast growing tree, around 3-5 feet per year and provides beautiful red flowers.  This tree is highly resistant to disease.  This is one of the most adaptable trees and will be beautiful year round!


Culture: This tree can be planted anywhere, even in barren areas and will tolerate either sandy or clay soil types and should be moderately watered.

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