Anchor Watch – Sep. 19, 2015

Monday, September 21st, 2015

It was time to get back to BCYC, with a clear sky over the harbor, and Pat on the keyboard.

The Board Meeting finished on time, so there was no rush to get things going, and it turned out to be “just us”, no visitors.

Bob Kelly provided a very nice invocation, Bill Davies led The Pledge, Jerry the Four Way Test, and Steven Williams led us in “Take Me Out….”.

The Prez reported on the Board Meeting, with a focus on upcoming events, of which there are quite a few, for example:

Back Bay Cleanup-BBQ  this Saturday morning (9/19)at Shellmaker Island, beginning at 10 am we’ll cook and serve burgers for 150+volunteers.

Annual Okazaki Exchange BBQ on Friday, October 2 at the Park on Private Road, with our Students, their Host Families, Sister City folks, and City Officials, with NBFD on the Grill.

DG Kevin’s Official Visit on Thursday, October 8, starting with the Board Meeting at 3:30pm, followed by a regular Club Meeting.

We have received a shipment of our new Club Exchange Banners, which received nice comments, so when you travel, be sure to bring some with you.

Many nice things were said about last week’s Family Picnic, be sure to mark your calendars for our Christmas Boat Parade Party on Thursday, December 17.

For all who have served our Club as President, our Annual Past Presidents’ Cruise will be finalized soon.

Mike Saidi and Bob Kelly have expressed interest in getting things rolling for our RYLA interviews. Isn’t it great for our new members to jump right into this program! Thanks fellas.

PP Lauren has developed a list of “Rotary Rudders” ( buddy/mentor pairing ) assignments that will be distributed shortly, so that we can be sure that we do not lose track.

Jerry K shared a joke and Mike McD got the fines rolling, having caught Ed Rennie and Gary Myers from the Poker Group, and Aj, Roger, Dick, Bob K., Marc, Ed and Hunter shared their reasons for being happy (some of which were related to College Football)

Mike McD introduced Jay Johnstone as our speaker, and he was perfect for the crowd, as he shared insider stories, from on the field and off, from his twenty years as a professional baseball player with a reputation for jokes and pranks. In addition he was a color commentator for the Yankees and the Phillies and also appeared in the ‘Naked Gun” movie series. There were names all over the place, Sinatra, DiMaggio, Mantle, Lasorda, Steinbrenner, too many to write down!!

We’ve seen Jay before, particularly since he’s a Rotarian (RC LaHabra) and a Paul Harris Fellow, and we hope to have him come back to share more of his stories.

See you next Thursday, if we don’t see you before then!


Monday, August 17th, 2015

The Board Meeting ran into overtime, so when the Prez finally got to the Meeting Room, we had quite a crowd assembled! But with Pat on the keyboard and Mike taking care of the Bar Runs we were able to settle down and get on with the Meeting. (OBTW, thanks Andrew for taking care of the Desk!)

Richard O. provided a brief Invocation, Ed Rennie led the Pledge, Andy C. the Four Way Test,  and Bob Wood led us in song.

We were happy to see Corinne Rennie, along with candidates Bob Kelly and Paul Jensen. Rotary Youth Exchange Student Harrison Turton (Brisbane, AU) was visiting us from his hosts in Minneapolis while catching some beach time with his grandmother Brenda Alcott ( in from Down Under), and uncle Heath Clarke and his family all of whom are locals.  Yukari was joined by her son Noah (Tokyo), daughter Sara, and friend Keiko, all in provide support for her Craft Talk.

Harrison presented the Prez with an Australian Flag to mark his visit with us, and Andy had a golf joke. John Kerr stepped up to collect some fines and got PDG Roger, the” Fabulous” Jerry Morris ( with a now legal ‘Vette), and ( a very air conditioned) Dick Dickson to pay their “voluntary contributions” for half year, and then whipped the crowd into a frenzy selling Raffle Tickets for the District Foundation Gala drawing (Thank you Gary Myers, Bob Kelly, Lauren among others) and collecting a special Happy Fine from Bob Wood, plus it was reported that Kent Martin has recently become engaged☺   Best Wishes!

I must have missed the sign-up sheet for cooks at the Chili Cookoff next Saturday before the Angels Game or let Marc A. know if you can help out.  Tickets for the game will be distributed at next week’s meeting.  

Also Coastal Clean up Day/Clean the Back Bay will be Saturday, September 19 and we have been asked to once again support that effort by providing lunches for the volunteers, so mark your calendar for that AND for the Okazaki BBQ happening that first weekend in October.

Noting the start of the new Rotary Year, we scored only 44% in attendance last month, let’s do better!!  Remember, if you miss a meeting, make-ups are fun.

PP Lauren presented the winners of POUNDATION 2015 with their checks! Mike Saidi came in first, Marc at second, and a tie for third between  Lauren and Miyuki – thanks for having fun while getting healthier and helping our Foundation!!

Sharing the good works of other Rotary Clubs, RC Monarch Beach Sunrise will sponsor a Night at The Improv  (Irvine Spectrum) on Monday, September 28 to raise funds to assist  Marine Families “Laughs for Leathernecks”. That Club has a long history of supporting  the Fifth Marine Regiment (as we do with the First of the First) so go to www.danapoint5thmarines.com  for details, including an opportunity to sponsor a Marine, if you cannot attend!

Continuing with the theme of being a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club PDG Roger presented Marc Aarons with his PHF+2 pin.  Thanks Marc, for your continuing support of our Foundation!

Many times it has been said that Craft Talks are some of our best programs and last evening certainly proved that to be true. Yukari Johnston shared her life story with us, and with all the challenges that she faced, and overcame, we are proud to count her as a member.

Born in Japan, near Okazaki, she completed college and then went to Hawaii under a homestay program, to learn English and experience a different part of the world. She married, returned to Japan for the birth of her two children, then moved to CA but subsequently divorced.  As a single mother with two small children, she entered the workforce, first as an employee, and then circumstances forced her to start her own business. Recalling the positive impact of her homestay experience, she established a similar program for Japanese students in Irvine. Twenty years later it is AOL College of Languages, an accredited institution with over 120 students from many countries, learning language and building understanding, a key focus of Rotary.  And along the way, she authored three books!

Yukari apologized for her missed meetings, but we are glad that her school received the accreditation that consumed so much of her time, and we look forward to seeing her regularly at our meetings.

Thank you Yukari, and our thanks to Grace who introduced her to our Club!

 Mark your calendars, because next week we’ll host Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

Keep hydrated/ cool this weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

Anchor Watch – July 23, 2015

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Another beautiful evening on the Harbor, and with summer weather upon us, many learned that the Prez had declared a casual dress code for the meeting!

Unfortunately, most did not receive the email on time, so only a bold few showed up in shorts!!

It was great to have Grace Austin, and Yukari Johnston back among us, along with  “Back from Texas”  Miyuki!  Our guests included  Paul Jensen and Dinh Ta, a web designer who works locally, on his first visit with us.

Bob Wood offered the Invocation, Dick Dickson led the Pledge, Andrew Balzerit led the 4Way Test (without the banner!) and John Kerr led us in “In the Good Old Summertime”.

The Prez reported that the Club Service surveys, that had been received had been compiled (thanks Jo) and those who had not yet done so could still provide their input and suggestions to the Board by completing one ASAP. He also mentioned that he needed a break from the Prez Gig, so he was taking a sabbatical next week, and we will be led/inspired/motivated by everyone’s favorite IPP Lauren!!

PDG Roger reminded all that field seats are still available for the Angels Game on August 22 (details on our Chili Cookoff entry should be available next week). He also shared the great news that as of July 24, Nigeria will have gone one full year without a new case of polio!!  And in two weeks, the entire continent of Africa (20% of the world’s landmass) will reach that threshold!!! He went on to caution that this must be maintained for two more years for Polio to be declared eliminated from that continent, so we need to continue to support the effort.  At the President’s suggestion, members wishing to make a contribution to End Polio (which will be doubled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, e.g. your $100 donation will provide for 375 doses of the vaccine)  please BRING CHECKBOOKS NEXT WEEK!

“Rotary Direct” information was distributed and this is a program that will help our Club receive the Rotary Presidential Citation, so more information will be forthcoming, but you can learn more and enroll online at www.rotary.org/give .

Steven Williams shared a couple of basketball jokes and then Dan H. got into the fines, first from himself and then Kent and then Yukari after which point the happy fines came from Gary, and Jo, Roger, Paul, and AJ, all with good news!! Dan did share news about two of our long-time members: Jose Joab has transferred his membership to a Rotary Club in Luxembourg; Hanspeter Denzler suffered a second stroke recently and is not recovering well – we will be circulating a card for him at our next meeting.

Our Calendar for the coming year has been uploaded and can always be checked at www.newportbeachrotary.org  It includes The Angels Game on 8/22, and the Rotary Business Luncheon on 10/16, Foundation Dinner on 11/14, and even our Boat Parade Party on 12/17 !  BUT the Rotary World Peace Conference scheduled for January 15 &16, 2016 in Ontario, CA isn’t listed! You can find out more at www.PeaceConference2016.org


Aj introduced our Guest Speaker, Arnold Kunst, who recounted his own experiences in researching and writing “Lincoln 365” and shared several of the quotes, highlighting the remarkable insight and wit of our sixteenth President. Copies of his publications were available and Dick Holmgren won a Zip Drive of four of his publications as an early Birthday Present!

Thank you for sharing your fascination with Lincoln, Mr. Kunst.

Anchor Watch, March 5th 2015

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Well, it was Prime Rib night, but President Lauren couldn’t make it, so President-Elect Steve Speer, fresh from PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar), took the reins!

With the clocks changing this weekend, the dark evenings of winter will soon disappear (hopefully) so we can really see/enjoy our beautiful view of the harbor!  !(So don’t forget to spring forward on Saturday evening)
PDG Roger provided the Invocation, Bill Davies led the Flag Salute, Marc the 4Way Test, and then John Kerr,accompanied by Pat, led us in song.
We welcomed back candidate Mike Saidi, and returning for his second visit in as many weeks, Attorney Paul Jensen ( a Law School classmate of Richard O.)
Justin told a joke, and Roger collected fines from Miyuki who celebrated getting her Program Chair mojo back, and Bill Davies who sold a couple of cars from his Tucson garage, and proud dad John Kerr whose son completed his college program! . Roger chipped in to mark his 40 hours airborne to/from India, Richard O. celebrated the CDM Girls Softball win against Harbor, Wendell glad that he was in town and with us, and PE Steve who may have discovered why he’s been feeling poorly lately!

Steve reminded all, especially his Board and new (and more senior) Rotarians of the District Training Assembly coming up on Saturday, March 21 at Chapman, beginning at 8am – 7:30am if you want coffee – promising a reward of a free lunch at Gina’s for all of our participants.
Then Marc reminded us about the Concert to End Polio,  featuring  jazz saxophonist and polio survivor David Sanborn,  at 2pm on Sunday, March 15 at The Carpenter Center at CSULB,  as he still has a few VIP tickets, but don’t delay.  Again, the Newport Mesa  Spirit Run will be earlier that day at Fashion Island to support our schools, so make it a full day of Rotary service and fun.

Of course, we all know that Titivating for Arbor Day will be this Saturday, starting at 8am at the Fire Station at Mesa and Acacia, with a full week of deliveries to the schools.

Steve reminded us about the District Conference on Catalina  May 1-3 noting that room reservations  at The Pavilion Lodge are open and we need to be sure to have enough members participating, especially to staff our booth on Hospitality Night.

And of course, a week later, on May 9, Taste of Japan, OC, our Joint Fundraiser with Newport Beach Sister Cities Assoc. will take place at OASIS, so keep looking for sponsors and auction items, cause Linda K. will be calling.

Steve asked PDG Roger to share some highlights from his two week trip to India to participate in the National Immunization Days, and he noted the warm hospitality extended by fellow Rotarians in the community of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, where his Team delivered polio drops to local children. Sights, sounds, smells, and smiles that he will remember for his lifetime.

Secretary Mike, with assistance from the crowd who had brought laptops and tablets, shared the secrets of DaCDB, (District and Club Data Base) which is the primary roster, record  keeper, and communications hub for our District and for our Club. People got passwords and began to explore, heck! a few even did the same at the Rotary Website!  What a night!!

Anchor Watch – Dec 18, 2014

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Need we say more?

dec - happydec - setup


dec - tablesdecrot of month - morris

dec mens choir


Anchor Watch: October 24, 1012

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

We meet on Thursday next week and from now on, please note your calendars. The calendar is at http://newportbeachrotary.com/calendar/2012-11/

Scribes notes for the Rotary Meeting of 24 October 2012


President A.J. was in full command, calling on Bill Hossfeld for a comprehensive invocation, recognizing our fantastic push for ending polio and honoring our brave service men and women. A.J. himself led the Pledge, and called on John Kerr to lead us extemporaneously (facing away from the banner) for the Four Way Test. Past President Jerry Morris captured the spirit of the evening by having pianist Pat Reilly join in leading us in “Take Me out to the Ball Game.”

Honored guests were many included PDG Greg Owen and wife Val, guest Dave Hodges, Layna Sullivan from Yogurt Lands in the Simi Valley, guest Jerry Klemer, and Walt Smith’s wife Barbara. We enjoyed a nice peaceful dinnertime with strains of “As Time Goes By” in the background.


Joke master Dan Hoffman: “No, we don’t de liver.” And why they changed the name of the car from Pinto to Corsair in South America. (You had to be there.)

Our Fine master achieved a huge variety of contributions. Roger McGonegal for bringing Greg and Val); John Kerr for recording 96 on the math test; Steve Speer because Halloween is Wednesday and that is the biggest pizza day of the year; Andy Campbell leaving Tuesday for Australia, looking forward to “more sheep than people;” A.J. who proudly confesses to “living in sin,” whatever that means, and Greg Owen for celebrating the planting of a greenhouse in a school in Long Beach.

We celebrated the accomplishment of newer member Stephen Williams getting his blue badge by completing the 10 requirements expected of a newer member. Bill Hossfeld led the congratulations.

NEXT WEEK the meeting is Thursday. Meet at 5:30 at the Newport Beach Brewery on Balboa Blvd. near 30th street. It’s going to be a vocational visit to the Nautical Museum. RSVP’s are critical this time, so be sure to reply to Steve Speer when he asks it you’re coming! No more Wednesday meetings planned except for the Christmas Party.

A.J. announced the planning of a fun fundraiser, and Lauren Reeves elaborated about Japanese relationships, a silent auction, Sister Cityinvolvement, win-win interactive sushi, kimono models, and high end tyco drums.

Nominations for President the year after next are in order to think about. The only name your scribe heard shouted was John Kerr.


Wow, this was VERY timely. John Thomas of Thomas Partners Strategies shared with us many of his innermost thoughts on both local and national politics, based on impressive experience in election campaigns, including a good record of upsets by his candidates. His comments and predictions follow. Super pacs will be a big factor because of their huge financial leverage in the next few weeks and in general. He’s a speech nurturer, and has sometimes been involved in juggling a dozen candidates at the same time for different offices. He provides candidates an “A to Z on How to Win” and it often works. He loves the unpredictability of the races. He cited the way that Facebook, YouTube and the LA Times outdid themselves in taking down the former city attorney as a candidate.

On the National level, he got a showing of hands consistent with his slight prediction that Romney would win, but razor thin close even thought he won the first debate. He’s not obsessed with the polls: he pays attention to the trend lines primarily. Both candidates are armed with lawyers to go to the final end with the electoral vote, especially if it’s tie.

Locally, the re-emphasized the power of the super pacs in the media, noting there is $924 MILLION available now. His predictions: we’ll keep the death penalty; Prop 32 to keep unions from getting the employee money is a “make or break” for them. But, I heard him say he thinks it will pass. He noted that Prop 30, Jerry Brown’s is consistent with his saying he would never increase taxes “without voter approval.” This Prop is that voter approval. “Three strikes” amendment might pass although it’s deceptively written. He’s interested in the D.A. race in LA county, where a black female African American is running against a white male from Texas. In the LA Mayor race, Kevin James is taking on three LA insiders, and is outspending them 15:1.

Well, folks, there you have it. Great meeting, Great talk. Exciting election coming.

Cheers to you all by Scribe Bob Wood

A.J. Thielen
(949) 293-8345
(520) 247-8354

Anchor Watch: September 5th, 2012

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Duties next week: Front desk Bill Kames, Scribe Rick Weiss, Takedown Kwamina Botsio, Invocation Walt Smith, Greeter Nate Owens, Joke Anna Wong, Photos (need help), Songs Merring, Fines Richard Oberreiter.

Program Sept 12 Police Chief Jay Johnson, Sept 19th Mike Giddings NFL Pro Scout Celerbrity guests former UCLA coach Terry Donahue and former UCLA quarterback John Sciarra, September 26th Fire Depatment, Oct 3rd DARK, Oct 10th District Governor Jim Lorman, Oct 17th for Laker Tommy Hawkins, Oct 24th professional political strategist John Thomas.

Upcoming Events:
Sept 12 Board meeting 4:15pm-5:30pm
Sept 15 10:30am Back Bay Clean Up at Shellmaker Island, contact Bill Hossfeld with your availability. Directions are here https://www.facebook.com/groups/144390510654/
Sept 29 RC Tustin Poker fundraiser, contact Gary Konecne
Sept 30 Okazaki Party 4pm-8pm, 2218 Private Road Newport Beach
Oct 12 Rotary Business Awards 11am Doubletree Hotel in Orange
Oct 15 Foundation Dinner

Please visit our new website www.newportbeachrotary.com which I have been working on intensely for the last month. The member directory and duty roster are on the site protected by the password “newportprivateroster”. The Anchor Watch will be there soon. I will take unsolicited opinions on the site until Wednesday 12th, email me any pictures you think would be good too.


How to start out a meeting by having some 30 Rotarians attending along with 8 visitors for a great evening of Fellowship before, during and after our meeting on a warm balmy evening. We were warmly greeted by Richard Oberreiter, also the “Secret Greeter,” and a warm smile at the Front Desk by “The Father of the Bride” and celebrating his 31st Anniversary to his one and only Heather at this Rotary Meeting. Our President AJ was caught up in the occasion by ringing the Rotary Bell a few minutes late but no one really carried and continued on with their conversations.

AJ finally got us settled down and had PDG McGonegal gave the Invocation from a quoted message from Mother Teresa followed by PP Morris leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. Weiss (missed Portia) lead us through The Four Way Test and fitting the time of the two national conventions was PP Dickson leading a very rousing rendition of God Bless America. President AJ went to the different tables where Bob Merring introduced his wife Lynn and his Mother-in-Law followed by Walter Smith introducing his wife Barbara, Bill Hossfeld introducing visiting Rotarian, Rotary Volunteer in Africa and member of RC of Newport-Irvine: Bob Selinger plus Steve Speer’s bride of 31 years Heather Speer who was the “Mother of the Bride” on this past Saturday evening. Lauren Reeves brought Caden plus her very good friend Suze Glen from Australia, her Father, Owen Glen spoke to us a few years ago. Also, it was noted that Burt Zilligitt was in attendance after a busy summer of sailing the waters of California. AJs job of selecting the order to go to the buffet was really easy this evening with few complaints while Pat Reilly played a wonderful medley of tunes while the Fellowship continued through dinner.

AJ called the meeting back to order after dinner and took on the role as “Joke Master” with three short police jokes as he concluded, everyone clapped instead of laughed, must be a story here! But AJ let the water run off his back as he made many announcements before Tom Walley extracted “Fines” from Bob Merring, Andy Campbell, and Jon Mandala and “Happy Fines” from Linda Klevatt, Steve Speer popped for $31 for 31 years of marriage to Heather Speer, and Suze, Lauren’s guest.

Your Scribe introduced Kurt Timken, who is a 16 year veteran of the El Monte Police Department by serving as a Senior Detective, Federally Deputized Task Force Officer representing the US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Los Angeles Field Division. The most interesting thing, Officer Timken grew up in Ohio, went to Phillips Academy, a prep school in Andover, Mass., Pomona College, and then received his MBA from Harvard. He worked at his family’s company, Timken Bearing and Steel company in Ohio, came west to Seal Beach to the aero-space industry at Rockwell International before becoming a law enforcement officer and putting his life on the line dealing in counter-Narcoterrorism where he is involved in wire taping, money laundering drug enforcement on a very limited financial budget.

Agent Timken gave us an up front and personal overview what he is trying to control on the streets with a table display of some 12 different drugs which he deals with on a daily basis starting with marijuana buds with a street value of $800/$1,000 pound to black tar heroin that was priced at $20,000 pound just a few years ago and now is selling at $12,000 pound, this is the drug the police are most concerned especially with young people who can smoke it with a straw after heating it in foil and throw away the evidence. This is cheaper and less expensive than oxy-codone drugs (pain killers) that sell for up to $80 a pill on the
street. The man made drug, Ecstasy is still the wave drug for teens that sells for approximately $20 a pill on the street. The collection that was on display probably has a value of many hundreds of thousands of dollars and all fit in a small case, frightening!

We hear about all the drug cartels in Mexico but they are migrating to the U.S. with the area around Chicago having a huge drug problem with a great deal of violence and is spreading to other parts of the Country as the different cartels are taking control of the drug trafficking. Agent Timken noted that their budgets to combat narcotic enforcement has been seriously reduced in California with the Federal Government now supplying and funding the over time he gets when he is not on duty with the El Monte Police Department.

President AJ ended the meeting with quote about “Ideas” and Adjourned at 7:48 PM to the parking lot to see the “War Wagon” which is a Ford “Edge” that Linda Klevatt had the privilege to demonstrate with all the required lights, siren, loud speaker, etc. then Agent Timken opened the back and he was ready for action at a moment’s call with his equipment for his protection as well as go on the offensive with both shot guns and many different hand guns of his choice with plenty of ammunition. As he said, the most important thing is the safety of the men and women on the task force.

A great and very informative program and for me after a recent surgery, I was prescript oxy-codone but did not take any because I don’t like the side effects of these types of pain killers plus I my nerve block and the use of ice controlled any discomfort. I can see how one could easily be addicted to meds after listening and talking to DEA Agent Kurt Timken.

The Scribe for September 5th – Bill Hossfeld