Halloween Party!

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The Invitations teased a “Very Spooktacular Club Meeting” and indeed it was, with special thanks to the Clan McDonough for a very special pre-Halloween get-together, Newport-Balboa Rotary style!

Clearly, there was going to be some serious competition for the Best Costume prizes, but more about that later.

Richard O provided a thoughtful Invocation, Steve W led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Guest Speaker Paul Scheper led us in the Four Way Test, and then we sang our hearts out for the Cubbies in “Take Me Out…”

As mentioned, First Lady Nanette and First Son Andrew came early for the setup and they were joined later by Eleanor Dickson, and Shelli O. Jerry Klemer brought his costumed band including Aloha Linda (Carl), Cindy Beutel, and Ed Escano. Inductee Vincent Priolo hosted his fiancee Sascha de LA Cruz along with his parents Rotarian Jeff (Past President, RC San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, D 5240) and Cheryl Priolo. Our Speaker’s wife Gigi Scheper assisted, and Visiting Rotarian Bob Donoghue (RC Grand Cayman, D 7020) and his wife Ella came to see us while visiting their son, who lives nearby.

Some guy in a suit, pretending to be our Club Rotary Foundation Chair, presented Lauren with her PHF+2 pin, and reported good, but not great, results (so far) on the Raffle Ticket sales BUT we are approaching three tables for the Rotary Foundation Centennial Gala (to be held on November 19 at The Balboa Pavilion). Event Chair Lauren expressed her thanks for this and announced that two of our members have become Sponsors of the event! (Thank you Marc and Tony Sayegh for your generosity)

Dan Hoffmann inducted Vince to Rotary and to our Club in the presence of family and friends, and we are proud to count him among us. From his earliest visits to us, he has clearly demonstrated his willingness to serve, so Welcome Vince Priolo, our newest member!!

Paul Scheper has known President Mike for most of his life, and following his schooling at Harvard and USC, he has had a successful career in real estate. During this time he has watched, listened, and learned and has summarized his observations in a book “The ABCs of Self-Improvement: The Psychology of Improving”, some highlights from which he shared with us in his talk, plus he offered free copies to all. Thank you Paul, very interesting, and very generous.

OK, so you want to hear about the costumes! Indiana Jones was there, along with TWO Batmen, a knight with his lady and coterie, the Phantom of the Opera, a Chef, a Sumo wrestler, a Track Coach, heck even Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother was there! Drumroll, please: the third place prize went to Jerry Klemer; second to Lauren Pittman; and first prize to Dick and Eleanor Dickson ! Congrats and thanks, enjoy the weekend, have a safe and Happy Halloween,  and see you next week for Prime Rib and an update on the widening of the 405.

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